60 - That was a hectic year

When I started with WK in feb '22 I was kind of anxious because I was 49 years old (now 50) and wondered if it somehow would be too late to study Kanji. But nope, age doesn’t matter, 368 days later I got to level 60 :slight_smile:

It was intense doing this, every single day from the moment I woke up to when I went to sleep. I did all reviews as soon as they became available, mostly because I dreaded big review piles so I kept having smaller batches this way. The last 15 levels or so, the fast levels, were absolutely brutal though. With around 400-500 reviews daily there was no way to keep them in smaller batches anymore.

But it’s all so rewarding. Being able to read Japanese without having to look up too much is awesome. Sometimes I do forget Kanji or vocab which I already burned, but by looking them up again I feel like they burn into my brain even better.

About the first level - 3 years ago I made an account and did 3 reviews, I decided to learn Japanese and was just testing out all the different available apps and study methods. On feb 22th 2022 I really started using WK. That’s why the first level is 627 days :-/

Now that WK is done I do need to find some structure in the rest of my studies. I need to put much more time in grammar. So for now I use BunPro, Nativshark (so cool to be able to skip all the Kanji lessons there), and to keep practicing Kanji I use the Kanji study app, which has tons of example sentences.

I’d like to refer to 2 posts about this amazing app in case you don’t know it -


where VegasVed explains a very easy way to implement all the WK Kanji into Kanji Study, so you have them all sorted nicely in the same levels als WK has.

My thanks to the WK team, to all the script developers (you made my study so much more convenient) and to the people on this forum who were always so helpfull.

To celebrate I asked my girlfriend if she wanted either a cake or sushi.
So tonight we’re celebrating in our favorite restaurant:


Man, an inspiring pace, congratulations on a fantastic achievement! Enjoy the cake Sushi!!!


Huzzah! :partying_face: :tada:

Great stats, great job for sticking through with it!


Super impressive speed, congratulations :smiley:


Congratulations. That’s a massive accomplishment! I’m always a little jealous when I see this kind of progress - must use it as motivation!


Grats man, well done, and keep up the good work!

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Great job.

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Any tempo you do it in is good - I was even doubting to post my levels because it might discourage some people who take things slower. Combining this with my full time job and social life pretty much took up all the spare time I had for a year. Doing this in 2 or 3 years might be more wise :slight_smile:


Thanks man. Still impressed with the amount of time you put into it. Keep enjoying it!

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What you did is no easy feat either. Encouraging to see other mad serious people.

The consistency is as impressive as the speed itself.



Amazing job! :partying_face: :tada:


Aww thanks! How did you know I’m totally into Steins;Gate :smiley:


I can only imagine Okabe’s paranoid reaction if it were to happen to him. XD

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Wow, congratulations! :partying_face:

I remember when you first popped into the forum. That you started later than me but finished earlier kinda makes me feel old :smiling_face_with_tear:

That’s an amazing pace! I wish I had that kind of self-control.

Also, that sushi restaurant looks awesome!

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Oh don’t mind that, I spent most of my time on WK and should have put way more time into immersion so your tempo is probably much better in the end. And honestly the first 40 levels are the most important, after that both Kanji and vocab are getting a little more obscure.

But I have to be honest - it does feel good that I can leave this behind me and have much more time for immersion now. Yesterday I walked 2 hours through Tokyo in VR, stopping before every shop and restaurant to read all the signs and menu’s. Which was a weirdly satisfying thing to do :slight_smile:



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Congrats! Awesome pace, I’ll eat a piece of cake in your honor while doing my WK lessons today:p

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Very impressive pace! Congrats!!

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Ayyyy congrats! Was wondering when I’d be seeing your post here. Good luck with your figure studies!


Thanks, looking forward to your 60 post in a couple of weeks :slight_smile: