Simplified import process for the Kanji Study app

I used KS long back (before they had any add-ons) and didn’t find it very useful. I read your post about this and NativShark I think (?) and I was so curious about the new features. Downloaded it again and I LOVE IT OMG.

I’m not buying the guided study (because I have WK for the SRS), but I’m planning to get the graded reading sets after finishing the free level 1. So, thank you so much for that post and recommendation, I’m glad I decided to give it another try!

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That’s awesome to hear, also from you @guiljb . I find the app so perfect but not a lot of people seem to use it or know the possibilies so I keep trying to spread the word :wink:

When I was around lvl 40 I started SRS in KS, beginning at level 1. It’s a great way to keep testing burned Kanji because it doesn’t only show the Kanji, but shows a word where the kanji is missing so I also learn new vocab this way.

And the graded reading is maybe even better than reading a book I think… because quite some Kanji you hardly encounter and now you can practice the same Kanji with a ton of example sentences.

Nativshark is also nice, I use it to learn grammar. The lessons are really well written, the only think I liked less is that the first 60 levels or so are more about ordering food and non-smoking seats, it takes a while before the real grammar lessons start. But the lessons are small so you can do them quickly - I did the first 30 or so in one day.

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I’m going to join you in spreading the word hahaa.

Honestly, I really do like the SRS feature too but I’ve already spent all my savings on WK and Bunpro, so I can only pick one or two now :frowning:

Same with NativShark. It’s soooo expensive?? and if I use it, I can’t use anything else and that doesn’t really sound fun to me.

For grammar, I’ve found Bunpro v v useful. I try to read most of the articles in Bunpro resources for every grammar point and although it takes a lot of time, it works best for me + I’ve started reading manga.

Thanks for the mini review though, really helps with making decisions. And sorry about the mini rant :stuck_out_tongue:

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Oh no I understand completely, it can get very expensive if you want to do them all. And there are more than enough free sources to learn grammar. Nativshark is a bit to expensive too I think.
Full time membership is $1500,- which is just absurd and which almost nobody buys.
It’s 15,- per month if you sign up for a year. Since I do the lessons so fast I decided to stick to the $30,- per month first so I can unsubscribe any time.

Maybe you can also check out . I don’t use it myself but I think you can use it for free at the moment, despite the only subscription option being lifetime for $249,-.


Yeah this is the only reason I’m not really signing up for it. It’s sad though T_T

Thank you so much for this, I definitely will! ^^


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