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Hi, a couple of days ago I found an app which I find so awesome that I wanted to share it here. It’s called Kanji Study. On Android at least there are more apps with that name, in the Google Appstore the full name is ‘Japanese Kanji Study’ by Chase Colburn.

It has tons of options. You can import all the Kanji from the WK lessons so you have the Kanji ordered in the same groups as the WK lessons have. There are multiple ways to review Kanji. Flashcards, multiple choice, writing and the best one: Reading. With reading you get a ton of sentences using that Kanji.
The downside is for the reading lessons is that it uses the KLC Graded reading sets for that and for all the Kanji that costs something like $50,-.

SRS option is coming with the next update.

What I also really liked is that everything has been translated to a lot of different languages by volunteers. I’m not a native english speaker and while I already learned a lot of kanji using WK, it kind of sticks extra good when seeing the meanings in my own language.

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I have been using this app daily for quite a while to practice writing. I just follow the jouyou order and very happy with how fast I am learning. I wouldn’t do that until at least Lvl 10 in WK just so you are already familiar with a number of characters.

The SRS was just added and it has a fair bit of customization. It is an additional purchase but totally worth it for me as it helps focus on the characters I struggle writing. Without SRS, I practiced everything I had already learned once a week and focused on new items every day. You can also practice kana which made me finally properly learn katakana by writing it over and over.

The app also has a wealth of information on each character as well as graded reading exercises. In time, it may become the absolute one-stop shop for kanji information with SRS integration.

Great app but WK is more fun if you just want to learn meaning/reading. Kanji Study is the best app I found for writing though.


Good to hear you like it too, it surprises me that this app isn’t more popular on this forum.

Someone else found a great way to import all Kanji in WK lessons order, I’ll post the link below.


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