Shouldn't this be read as both ふだ and さつ?〜札

Shouldn’t this be read as bothふだ and さつ?〜札?
because when attch to a word it can be read as both ふだ and さつ?

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Technically, you’re correct. The reading for 〜札 on WK used to be 〜ふだ, and then some people pointed out that for money it’s usually 〜さつ. So they changed it to that. At the same time, they also added the vocab item 番号札 that uses the 〜ふだ ending. So perhaps they forgot to add the 〜ふだ reading back? @anon20839864

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But they’re using the meaning “bill” or “note” for ~札, so for that definition it can’t be read as ふだ.


As @seanblue said, we’re specifically teaching:

札 (ふだ) the noun for tag/label


〜札 (さつ) the suffix for paper money

Separately, so you can see the usage of both.

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