A question about the bill word

There are two entries in Wanikani regarding the word bill (money)
“Thousand Yen Bill” and “Label”

Both entries have similar examples with yen bills but they differ in pronounciation - ふだ and さつ. Why?

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ふだ is the kunyomi of the kanji.
さつ is the onyomi

Bills will always be さつ though…


Then I think it’s kind of disorienting that on the “〜札” page there are examples about money bills and it says that the pronounciation is ふだ
Don’t you think?

Yeah, I remember this has come up before… If you search for the kanji you’ll probably find it. They said they had put in the fix IIRC… If it’s still wrong you should email them.

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I contacted them about it recently.

I said:

It looks to me that the examples for ふだ are actually さつ.

They said:

Thank you for your message and sorry for the confusion.
We are aware of this problem, but we need to stop the whole website to change such a thing, so it will take a while until it’ll actually be changed.
Thank you for your understanding and please be patient until then.


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