My first WaniKani Complaint: 札

After 8 levels of consistently getting the vocab readings for 札 wrong, I did some research into why was messing up.

kanji: 札・さつ ・ bill, label, note
vocab: 〜札 ・ ふだ ・ label, bill, note
千円札 ・ せんえんさつ ・ thousand yen bill

It was doing my head in, whhhhhyyy was the reading in 千円札 さつ but the reading for the suffix alone was ふだ. Turns out, its not.
According to Jisho <3, when 札 is used as a suffix it is read さつ, and when it is used as a noun it is read ふだ.
Hence my first complaint of WaniKani ever (and most likely my last). These two readings should have been taught separately, one as a suffix, the other as a noun. Its an important distinction.
I would love someone to correct me if I’m wrong, I hate to doubt the Allicrab.


They’re going to change the item.

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Thanks. Happy to know I’m not going crazy.

Any idea when is this going to be fixed? I was going to report the same thing because I always get “~札” wrong.

At least changing the reading of “~札” to さつ should be easy. Then they need to add a separate vocabulary for “札”, that might be trickier because I don’t know what happens for people with higher levels, but that could be taken care of in a separate fix.

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Sooo, why is this STILL wrong?


@anon20839864 Is there any reason this can’t be fixed independent of other changes?

Bookmarking this post for when I hit level 8 in a couple weeks . . .

This type of change requires us to take the site down. We have scheduled maintenance coming up in about two weeks, so it will be fixed soon.


Interesting… Now I’m curious about the technical reasons why that’s the case. I wouldn’t have expected this kind of update to require an outage.

Thanks for the update!

Didn’t this post help you remember it better at least? Like a mnemonic


Hello, it looks like this was fixed, as I just failed ~札 by giving it the ふだ reading lol. It has been changed to さつ now but the voice line for the reading still reads out “ふだ”, figured I’d mention it here in case it was just missed!

We’re in the middle of figuring out why the audio won’t change to the new file. Hopefully it will be fixed soon!


Lol I also just failed this review and came to find out why.
And also wondering how the new vocab with the ふだ reading will be added for those who have already passed that level?

New vocabulary words should appear in your lesson queue soon(?)

Long story short, we’re trying a new backend way to make changes that would previously have required us to pull the site down for about 30 minutes to an hour at a time.

I’m in the middle of making changes so I honestly don’t know how long it will take to hit your queues yet!

It’s exciting and also very scary for me!


But wait… soon, like in a few hours/days or soon in like weeks/we don’t know?

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So I’m hearing a new audio file that I guess is supposed to be さつ but it sounds auto generated and like さつう. Is that a temporary thing until the audio is changed to the new file or is that the actual audio?

Soon as in when I’m finished manually adding them to the site (and then probably a few hours after that to reach everyone).

It’s Mami doing the audio as usual, so I’m not sure why it sounds like it’s auto-generated… but I can assure you it’s just Mami. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯


Ok, starting fast levels + new vocab added to WK = :crazy_face::crazy_face::crazy_face::crazy_face:

PS: I love it :heart: お疲れ様です!

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Mami is a forum bot confirmed.


You’re not alone anymore @CyrusS :heart:

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