What are scripts, what can i do with scripts and how do i apply them? (beginner question)

hi there.

in my search around the forums, user scripts are commonly brought up as modifiers to reviews in some way. the two that struck me the most was: one that minimally edits the reviews you get so that it feels balanced and unoverwhelming, and one that changes font to excercise the eyes to practical kanji distinguization.
wait, is there such a word?
oh well, lets just use 見分け. there.

anyway, to specifically lay down my inquiries…

  1. what are user scripts in specific definition?
  2. aside from above examples, what are the scopes of scripts in my kanji learning journey? what can i do with them?
  3. how do i use these scripts? import or apply or change some code or something?
  4. what is the suggested time for me to use scripts to change my learning experience? and to add, what is the suggested method for my usage of scripts, if any?

have a nice day!

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Have you read my guide for Wanikani? Mainly chapter 7, since you’re mentioning scripts. I think all of your questions would get answered by reading it.


I can share some of my thoughts regarding my own experiences with scrips, but not really answer the technical questions (there’re already answers to those questions here in the Forum).

In the beginning I didn’t use anything and I thought that was fine.

But, like you I started noticing scrips being mentioned, so I tried searching the forum for something to do with leeches. Because, that’s something I did want help with. So, I ended up adding a leech trainer to my Dashboard.

The same goes for the rest. If I see something useful, I consider adding it to my scripts since it can help with the learning process. Such as the Ultimate Timeline and the Heat Map. They just help me get a better overview of my reviews, but are really nice features to have on the Dashboard.

Scripts doesn’t really change what you have to do - learn kanji, but they can be really neat and helpful all the same! ^>^

(to answer #4: anytime is a good time to add a script)