Going kanji only for a while

I haven’t seen this specific approach before, but i’d say it’s definitely not advised. Many people have saved teh vocab for later and it just hasn’t worked out, that’s a common case we see very regularly. Lots end up resetting rather than ending up catching up. You most certainly won’t be able to have 7 day levels and a sane amount of reviews if you wanna catch up the vocab to the same level as you’re at, probably even up to 60. To play catch up will take a very long time, and it will all be old vocab too.
Personally, I recommend against it, Your core kanji meaning progression won’t be slowed down a huge deal, but with the vocab i believe that it would make your limited more time to Wankani count more. it would (as mentioned) increase the depth and strength of the stuff you do learn. your “kanji core reading progression” (and in many cases the reading as well) will increase extensively in comparision to what they would without the vocab.
No-one’s stopping you, but keep in mind that Wanikani isn’t a race, it’s a learning process, however that ends up looking.
Good luck with whatever you choose : )

Some topics/posts i gathered after a quick and shallow search, but it’ll give you a better idea of what the reorder script (and other notorious scripts) can do if you don’t use them well: