Run with the Kanji - Wanikani Ekiden

Thanks for your post! I’m on Level 9 and wanikani is becoming more and more useful. Looking for my home forum. Any recommendations?


Just stopping by to wish you good luck on your journey - 風が強く吹いている is such a fitting anime for it. I hope you have found the right pace and manage to stick with it to the end - and I will certainly try the same.


A long and enthusiastic post! I like it! :clap: Good luck with your journey. I wish you the best. :smiley:


おめでとうううううううううううううう :crabigator: :sparkles: :heart:

If you get to level 60 I will literally inhale air in excitement.
(That sounds sarcastic but I’m joking—)
I can’t wait though :heart_eyes:


This post hit me in my emotions! So wonderful! Congrats on your success, and thank you for the helpful advice!


Thanks and Welcome to the community Jeff san :slight_smile: We are happy to have you here :raised_hands:

Yes, Of course.

For the leveling up and encouragement, you can join one of the below two threads. (You don’t have to strictly stick to their deadlines, you can follow along to learn a lot while moving at your own pace.) No matter which thread you join, there will be a lot of helpful folks :slight_smile:

For fun you don’t have to look too far…
We have the Almighty POLL Thread, all sorts of fun. It is a microcosm of the forum.

GIF thread, one can never have too many GIFS :smiley:

We have a whole lot of threads, cats, dogs, durtles and everything in between.

Soon you will be like this…

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Good luck Jeff san. May the goddess of fortune smile upon you :blush:


Thanks for your kind words honj90 san :smiley:

Yes, let’s work together towards the goal at our own paces :raised_hands:

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Thanks Prouleau san :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: During my early lurker days, I followed your instructions to others a lot of times and my journey has been better thanks to that. I didn’t get a chance to say Thanks back then, so “Thanks” once again Prouleau san. Your actions have positive impact far beyond measure :grin:

Thanks! and good luck to you as well Prouleau san :love_you_gesture:

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ありがとうううううううううううううう Whologist san :tada: :balloon:

me tooooooo :joy:
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It’s a loooooooooooooong climb stretching into 2022 at the moment. So please make yourself comfortable :slight_smile:

がんばります :pray:


Glad you connected Burnett san :smiley: and Welcome to the Wanikani community :raised_hands:

Thanks :relaxed: There is still a long road ahead of us :slight_smile: So many more new things to learn :grin:

My pleasure :v:

Good luck to you on the path ahead Burnett san :smile: I am rooting for you!

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ありがとうございます @Stay_coolXD san :blush:

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How kind are these words. They are almost embarrassing. :yum: I am glad my posts were useful. Good luck.

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Not long at all if you consider how long it takes some people to learn kanji without this site! :smiley: :heart:


Great post! Looking forward the second and the third installments!

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Absolutely Whologist san :slight_smile: Perspective matter a lot :love_you_gesture: Thank you.

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Thanks Sansarret san :slight_smile: I will work hard to get there :+1:

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Another advice would be to find nice people that have a matching pace, a friendly competition (no pressure!) is fun. :slight_smile:

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Yep. おたがい がんばろう is a major part as well :smiley: Thanks mweibel san :raised_hands:

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Just came to say that I love all 3 shows, your perspective on this journey, all the references, and wish you the best-est of lucks!

Run with the wind always makes me an emotional mess, and the running philosophy applies so well to everything in life it’s just… a really amazing 12 episode masterpiece.
Haikyuu is sort of kind of my religion at this point in life.
And BNHA speaks to my idealistic side a bit, makes you really feel you can achieve greatness if you go beyond.

Having your encouragement on the 21 Before 2021 post has been really comforting.
Thanks a lot! :raised_hands:t4: :raised_hands:t4: :raised_hands:t4: :raised_hands:t4:
You can do it Jiro-san! :sparkles: :sparkles: :sparkles: :sparkles: :sparkles:

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