Run with the Kanji - Wanikani Ekiden

Welcome fellow durtles to the inaugural edition of “Wanikani Ekiden”.

I planned to make my Wanikani journey into a three-part journey (20 levels for each part). On October 22, I finally completed the first leg of my journey by reaching level 21.

Level 20 post - Run with the Kanji - Wanikani Ekiden. Theme: Run with the Wind
Level 40 post - Tobe High - Rolling Kanji. Theme: Haikyuu!!
Level 60 post - My Kanji Academia - Watashi ga KITA!!!. Theme: My Hero Academia

Cue - Yuki Hayashi music :musical_note: :musical_note: :musical_note: :heart:

This is the story of my journey to reach the steepest mountains of Kanji…


Frodo has Samwise and The Fellowship
Harry has Ron, Hermione and The Dumbledore Army
Luffy has Shanks and The Straw-Hat Pirates
Naruto has Kakashi and Team Seven
Hinata has Kageyama and Team Karasuno

Despite overwhelming odds,they fight and win. What do each one of these protagonists have in common? People who believed in them, People who improved them and People who loved them.

I have Crabigator and The Awesome WK Community

I have tried a lot of apps and websites over the years. And I haven’t come across one such as WK. I believe the single strongest indicator of success in reaching level 60 is the supporting community. I wouldn’t have made it this far without all of you my lovable durtles :heart:

A special shout out to the wonderful folks from the “Level 21 before 2021 Thread”. This thread is the reason I visited forum during the early days. It made me feel safe, welcomed and loved. I learnt a lot from them.

Find a thread you can call “Home”. The more you stick with the forum/community the higher your odds of success.


You will find a lot of posts on people completing the levels in 7 days or less. DO NOT feel pressured to match their pace. If you are anything like me, at one point of time your mind entices you into a speed race which spoiler alert does not end well for most folks. I made that mistake earlier at Level 7 or 8, and saw my recall,accuracy and confidence plummet. It was an excellent lesson to learn early and ever since I have moved at my own pace.

If you are the kind of person who can only go at full speed or quit -Yay to your full speed. If you handle full speed like a fish in the water - Yay to you. If you do not handle full speed, do not be disheartened. 99% of the folks do not move at full pace. Do regular course corrections - try 9 days, 12 days, 15 days etc. and see what suits your schedule and life style.

Remember, this is a journey.


In “Inheritance Cycle” series (Eragon,Eldest,Brisingr,Inheritance), the protagonist Eragon is a newbie Dragon Rider with zero experience.

Eragon: I know nothing about being a Dragon Rider.
Brom: You will learn.
Eragon: How can I become a better Dragon Rider?

Most of us are newbies at learning Kanji. We will make a whole lot of mistakes. And it is okay. That is the point of SRS, it will teach you. Trust in the system and practice reviews. There will be good days and bad days. Practice every day - at least one review- to keep the momentum. The results will show up soon.


Note: The most important thing is to Be kind to yourself and others

When I started this journey, there was a lot I didn’t know and it felt like i could recall nothing. It was quite difficult.

tenor (47)

After a while, I still didn’t know much but i trusted the system and accepted the pain.

tenor (50)

There were a lot of times when it felt extremely difficult for me and the community has been there to support me with all their heart.


Thanks for all your support, my dear fellow durtles :bowing_man: :bowing_woman:

In “Run with the wind” the character I feel closest to heart is “Ouji” san. We both love books to an extreme. We are both hopeless newbies. We are both sticking with it despite the difficulty. We are not the strongest or fastest and we move forward one step at a time. No matter how hard it gets, we look forward and advance.



Thanks for your post! I’m on Level 9 and wanikani is becoming more and more useful. Looking for my home forum. Any recommendations?


Just stopping by to wish you good luck on your journey - 風が強く吹いている is such a fitting anime for it. I hope you have found the right pace and manage to stick with it to the end - and I will certainly try the same.


A long and enthusiastic post! I like it! :clap: Good luck with your journey. I wish you the best. :smiley:


おめでとうううううううううううううう :crabigator: :sparkles: :heart:

If you get to level 60 I will literally inhale air in excitement.
(That sounds sarcastic but I’m joking—)
I can’t wait though :heart_eyes:


This post hit me in my emotions! So wonderful! Congrats on your success, and thank you for the helpful advice!


Thanks and Welcome to the community Jeff san :slight_smile: We are happy to have you here :raised_hands:

Yes, Of course.

For the leveling up and encouragement, you can join one of the below two threads. (You don’t have to strictly stick to their deadlines, you can follow along to learn a lot while moving at your own pace.) No matter which thread you join, there will be a lot of helpful folks :slight_smile:

For fun you don’t have to look too far…
We have the Almighty POLL Thread, all sorts of fun. It is a microcosm of the forum.

GIF thread, one can never have too many GIFS :smiley:

We have a whole lot of threads, cats, dogs, durtles and everything in between.

Soon you will be like this…

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Good luck Jeff san. May the goddess of fortune smile upon you :blush:


Thanks for your kind words honj90 san :smiley:

Yes, let’s work together towards the goal at our own paces :raised_hands:

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Thanks Prouleau san :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: During my early lurker days, I followed your instructions to others a lot of times and my journey has been better thanks to that. I didn’t get a chance to say Thanks back then, so “Thanks” once again Prouleau san. Your actions have positive impact far beyond measure :grin:

Thanks! and good luck to you as well Prouleau san :love_you_gesture:

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ありがとうううううううううううううう Whologist san :tada: :balloon:

me tooooooo :joy:
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It’s a loooooooooooooong climb stretching into 2022 at the moment. So please make yourself comfortable :slight_smile:

がんばります :pray:


Glad you connected Burnett san :smiley: and Welcome to the Wanikani community :raised_hands:

Thanks :relaxed: There is still a long road ahead of us :slight_smile: So many more new things to learn :grin:

My pleasure :v:

Good luck to you on the path ahead Burnett san :smile: I am rooting for you!

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ありがとうございます @Stay_coolXD san :blush:

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How kind are these words. They are almost embarrassing. :yum: I am glad my posts were useful. Good luck.

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Not long at all if you consider how long it takes some people to learn kanji without this site! :smiley: :heart:


Great post! Looking forward the second and the third installments!

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Absolutely Whologist san :slight_smile: Perspective matter a lot :love_you_gesture: Thank you.

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Thanks Sansarret san :slight_smile: I will work hard to get there :+1:

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Another advice would be to find nice people that have a matching pace, a friendly competition (no pressure!) is fun. :slight_smile:

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Yep. おたがい がんばろう is a major part as well :smiley: Thanks mweibel san :raised_hands:

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