Level 60 May 2020

Finally hit level sixty! Sometime in May 2020 lol.

I waited a while to do this post mainly just because got overwhelmed with all sorts of stuff…

Started in October 2015, and have loved WaniKani the whole time. It basically took me five years to get to level 60.

Started WaniKani when I lived in Ibaraki, moved to Tokyo, moved within Tokyo, moved back to Florida, and finally moved back to Japan once again. Each time I moved my reviews took a hit…

I stoped WaniKani once I hit level 60. I realized I could read most kanji I encounter, and now can spend more time focusing on reading/working on grammar.

WaniKani is an incredible tool for learning kanji.

Love the WaniKani community, people have always been supportive & will always appreciate the sweet vibes.


It’s so inspiring to see your level-up times and know that you made it to the top! Congrats!


Thank you! good luck to you as well :grinning:


congratulations on your level 60!

i feel like this is one for the people durtling along at their own pace, you’re showing that one doesn’t have to compete with all the speedrunners in order to get to the top!

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Very nice, congrats!

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Yes, please don’t compete with me! Part of the motivation at the end was so that people explicitly don’t do what I did (in order to set a record for themselves)! I think I even said so in the post!


Thanks everyone!

Yes, just because you’re not close to finishing doesn’t mean you won’t finish eventually. Life does get in the way, and that’s okay. Just hang in there, it’s okay to take a break. You will be happy if you continue though!

I was on track to finish within a year and a half until I reached level 22 (moved from Ibaraki to Tokyo, and didn’t take care of getting Internet in my apartment for two months). I also forgot to get my Internet ready when I moved my next apartment for another two months :grinning:

I’m really happy I stuck it through to the ‘end’ though lol…


Congratulations 先輩!
bow hinata haikyu

Please enjoy this cake!
congratulations alice

All the best on your future Japanese studies!


Awesome thank you!!!

I guess one regret I have is not getting a cool subtitle in my name like a lot of folks have for the forums. For example @inspectatoro has
“Upstanding member of the church of crabigator”… (or that’s all I can see up to on mobile right now)

I would want mine to maybe be “shurt durtle”.

Does anyone know how to get one/can you pick them yourself?

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Congrats on getting to lv 60! ^>^ Well done! :partying_face: :tada: :tada:

You’ve deserved this cake for sure! :squid: :birthday:


You can’t get sect titles anymore. But, you can attract durtles. :durtle: Participating in forum events like the WK Wednesdays is a good way. Or other events like it. (like, recently Sticky Durtle and the Tofugu stickers trhead) But, :durtle_love: are mostly just something you’re lucky to get. ^^;

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Incredible achievement, you pushed through some really hard times but never gave in. Very impressive!

Best of luck with your journey going forward.

Nice one! Virtual high five! :smiley: This is inspiring as I will also take years to do this. If you include the fact that Ive reset twice I’ve technically been going since 2016 :joy:

Um, what is WK Wednesday? Is it a forum? Was wondering how I’ve never seen this then realised I parent full time on Wednesdays :joy: Mondays are when I work which is almost a day off. My boss doesn’t run over to try and break my laptop or throw himself down the stairs so is much easier than a toddler!!

This is a Wanikani Wednesday event:


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