I made it to Level 60! 🌻

It took me 493 days - and a few more days to make this post - but I finally made it to Level 60 on June 26, 2020! :sparkles:

It feels a bit surreal to think about where my language ability was back in February 2019 - and how far I’ve come and how far I still want to go.

Thank you so, so much to everyone on the forums who supported and encouraged me along the way :heart: , and the Olympians for being such an amazing, motivational group of people.

A handful of lessons learned.


  1. During times I felt unmotivated or lazy, I found it helped to even just open up wanikani.com or my Flaming Durtles phone app. Then, I would tell myself “Okay, I’ll just do ten reviews. That’s not so bad.” And knowing myself, that usually would push me into continuing and finishing a bigger batch. That being said…

  2. It’s okay to occasionally take a breather and step away from WK and learning kanji if there is something more important to you in the moment, Japanese learning-related or otherwise. For example, during times of high stress in life or work, it was even more difficult to retain new words and vocabulary. Forcing myself to learn new kanji, only to forget them in the Apprentice I or II stages, was frustrating and demoralizing.

  3. However, during times of just plain laziness or low motivation, for me it also helped to remember my original goal and why I wanted to learn kanji in the first place - or even exploring and finding new goals! This could mean reading the latest chapter of your favorite novel / manga, checking in with a WK Book Club or WK Level Up Group, practicing your Japanese writing / speaking / listening / grammar, or any number of possibilities tailored to your specific desires and goals.

Lesson sizes.

  1. In the ~last third of the levels, I decided to ration my new lessons in groups of 25~30 per day instead of doing all of them at once like I used to. This resulted from the realization that I had so. many. reviews that kept accumulating, especially in the fast levels, and I just could not keep up with them all. But on top of that, I feel as if it helped not only my sanity, but my retention.

And naturally, a big thank you to @jprspereira’s comprehensive guide. This was an invaluable resource to me when I first started WK.

Level up chart.

In the beginning, I really did want to try and go at full speed - and I think I was able to maintain that speed pretty well for ~33 levels. Then life started getting extremely busy in October, and throw in some winter holidays, and my meticulously planned leveling up schedule took a spectacular nosedive off a cliff.

Ultimately, I was able to come to terms with the fact that it doesn’t really matter to me how long it took or didn’t take. I’m amazed at how much I’ve been able to learn regardless along the way.

My goals have not changed from what they were in the beginning - but rather, they’ve evolved and grown! I started off really wanting to read, and WK and learning kanji was an absolute must for me to be able to accomplish that.

But as I began to be able to read more and more material, I realized I couldn’t communicate verbally very well in Japanese - and that really began weighing on my mind. In the new year, I started spending more time practicing and improving my speaking ability, and that - along with my neglected grammar - is my next main goal!

Honestly, I feel I still have so much to learn… like I can’t possibly already be “done” and Level 60 on WK (though technically there are still quite a few kanji and vocab left to go, along with the new material the WK team is adding).

But I think to be able to feel that way, in and of itself, is a fantastic thing! I’m excited to take my 493 days of kanji learning to read things I never could before, to keep learning material outside of kanji like speaking and grammar, and to keep growing and pushing forward in this language learning journey.

No matter what life has in store, and no matter how slowly or quickly it takes all of us, I’m happy I took this Japanese learning journey along with all the amazing people here at WK. Thank you all, and the WK team, so much!





Congratulations! \( ゚ヮ゚)/
Reading posts like this is always really inspiring, kudos!


Congratulations!! :tada:

Wow, still amazing that you managed to do all lessons in one sitting over so many levels! :clap:
(your limited lesson batch size used to be my max-load :open_mouth: – I’ve since reduced the size of my lesson batches for my sanity lol)

What are you reading these days? Are you in the intermediate bookclubs?


Congratulations! It’s so inspiring to read your story!


YASSSS CONGRATULATIONS!!! :cake: :partying_face:
so happy to see (former) fellow Olympians making their way all the way to the top!
now go get that cake! :D


An amazing accomplishment! :clap: It’s really inspiring to hear your focus on the future as well and that you’re creating new goals. :grinning: With that attitude, I’m sure you’ll go really far! Great work making it - enjoy your success!


Congrats and thanks for sharing your experiences. It’s inspiration for every time I feel lazy.


Congratulations!! :tada: :confetti_ball: :partying_face:


bow haikyu


Well done! can’t wait to join you by 2021!.


First of all, congratulations on reaching level 60 in such a small span of time :grin:

Glad I was able to help you in your journey :slight_smile: Seeing you every once in a while on the forums with a couple more levels on your belt was pretty admiring, to say the least :grin: So well done keeping that amazing pace :muscle:

I really like this suggestion. I’d usually recommend people that were struggling with doing lessons and coming back to WK to just try and do 3 lessons a day. It’s a good trick to fool our brains since there’s no excuse to not do something that’s so easy, right? :smiley:

Any ideas how you’ll tackle this? ^^

Congratulations again.


I am definitely feeling this right now…

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Wow, thank you so much everyone, @invisi, @Marifly, @YoungAdam, @ekg, @saibaneko, @Powerpuncher, @Stay_coolXD for the warm congratulations! :heartpulse: It really brings a smile to my face.

Sanity is very important - whatever batch size and speed is best for you! I kind of wish I did smaller batches a bit earlier on too, haha. I’m using my Kindle app on my phone to read some new chapters of manga I like. Nothing too intense, as I’m taking more time now to practice my speaking and grammar!

If the book club picks up a series I’m interested in, I’ll definitely join in (unfortunately, I find it actually quite painful to force myself to read something I’m not very interested in D:).

Thank you, thank you! You’ve come so far since January too, I’m really proud of you! I can’t wait to see what you’ll be able to accomplish going forward.


Thank you very much! You’ve got this. I’ll be waiting for you! How has your progress been so far?

Thank you so much! I always admired how you stuck around the forums to help those who came after you and share your experiences. Your willingness to help and constant contributions to the forums was so inspiring to me!

Haha yes, exactly my thought process as well! For me, it was very helpful.

I purchased a lifetime subscription to Bunpro during their winter sale, but haven’t really been taking advantage of it… :sweat: So I’d like to use that as a jumping off point. As for speaking, I’ve been finding some good teachers that fit with my needs on italki!

Yes!! Not sure if I would personally call those levels「天国」、 they really kicked my butt ;~; Hang in there, you’ll get through them!


Congratulations. Your objectives are very similar to mine. I am studying grammar as I go and attempting to read the NHK web easy news and a few more bits and pieces. I wish you well on your Japanese journey.


Ever since I came back from a reset I’ve been flying by, currently on a double 6d20h level up streak, hope to keep it going

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Hey congratulations!! I am waiting for the day I would be able to stand where you are standing right now.
Are you able to read manga now? I am self studying Japanese and I have trouble studying grammar on my own. I am banking on free resources because I cannot afford to buy grammar books as of now. Is there a specific way (a step by step)guide to study grammar online for free

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Thanks so much! If you stick to it, you’ll make it eventually and I’m sure of that. And welcome to WK! :sunflower:

As for reading manga, I generally can, but I still do have trouble with some grammar concepts and that is my fault entirely for neglecting to study grammar.

And it naturally depends on the genre. For example, grand fantasy/heavy science fiction can be harder vocabulary-wise than your run-of-the-mill slice of life/school life romcom, generally because one doesn’t learn as many of those words as one would more “ordinary” or “daily life” vocabulary used in those types of series.

Here are a few great threads to get you started on resources for both grammar and reading!

  1. This Ultimate Resources list has a section dedicated to grammar. As far as I’ve heard, Tae Kim’s Guide is a popular free resource for studying grammar. It is divided into sections basically like a textbook, so I would say it’s somewhat “step by step”.
    The Ultimate Additional Japanese Resources List!

  2. Here is another list of resources for getting started reading Japanese content.
    Resources for Starting to Read Japanese Content

  3. FloFlo is another WK-friendly resource designed to help with reading, and it’s free! According to the creator, koohi.cafe is the new version of the website. Check it out if you’re interested!
    (Back up) Floflo.moe - A WK-friendly website for reading
    How I used FloFlo to read my first book in Japanese

  4. If you’re looking for a community or group experience, WK also has many different levels of book clubs. They read a manga/light novel together and discuss and bounce questions off each other! Here is the link to the beginner book club - it looks like they’re currently reading フルーツバスケット. If you don’t already own the manga/light novel they’re reading though, it would cost some money to purchase it.
    Beginner Japanese Book Club // Currently Reading: フルーツバスケット
    フルーツバスケット・Fruits Basket Beginner Book Club Discussion Thread

I hope some of this will be helpful to you, and I wish you well on your language learning journey. Don’t hesitate to stop by and say hi again, or let me know if you have any other questions!