Reviews: ignore Enter key for a bit when incorrect?

I’m one of those people that likes to briefly review and understand mistakes as they perform their reviews (at the very least expanding the item info to compare my response with the correct answer).

Occasionally, though, I’m so confident that I’ve provided the correct answer that I hit Enter too quickly, moving on to the next item before I even notice the red incorrect response indicator.

There understandably isn’t a button to back up, but the “last 10” checkmark button is also not helpful in this situation since it only displays the last 10 completed reviews, not individual reading/meaning questions.

Would it be useful for the UI to ignore the Enter key (or perhaps request confirmation) for, say, a few hundred ms whenever an incorrect answer is provided?

I think I could potentially write a userscript to accomplish this (possibly titled “Slow down you idiot”) but before submitting a feature request or writing a script, I wanted to solicit feedback.



John “Loud, confident, and wrong” Goodsall ( ← @plantron bait)

Hmm … one of these @anon56844372 guys likes seventies art rock. The other is probably more into Gregorian chants.


Correct me if I’m wrong, but I thought there was a script that did this already. If not, I think you should do it, even if only you uses it


Yes, I thought so too when I read your post @Rrwrex.

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I’ll search some more, but I wasn’t aware of one. Let me know if you find it.

Are you thinking of Lightning mode?

It’s no longer maintained but part of double check (which I don’t use).

I think it’s this one:

but it’s marked as outdated (in the Big List Of All The Scripts), so maybe your scripting abilities are required after all :sweat_smile:


It appears that Double Check has this exact functionality (using @rfindley 's far superior scripting abilities).

I always saw the (horrors) “Change answer” functionality first and immediately noped out.

I see now it also includes my desired functionality as well as the exact inverse (lightning mode).


I don’t know how to fix this as I’m not computer smart at all but I wanted to agree with your message.

Sometimes I think I’m the Jessie Einstein of my reviews and speed though, confusing kanji and vocabulary, creating my own language.

I too would benefit from a “woah tiger, you sure you want to tell me 下手 means genius?”

Good luck with the fix!!


in the BLOATS?
it IS a big list


Honestly I’m not sure it really is outdated, I just put it in the outdated section because it’s not being maintained and people should use Double Check instead. @Rrwrex You could try it out if you really don’t want Double Check

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Oh good to know! I thought that section was for “certified broken” scripts :joy_cat:

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Since so much has changed in the last couple of years a lot of the scripts are actually broken. Until I decided to clean it up the other the day the list was full with broken scripts and apps, but I don’t have the time to actually test all of them so I used some discretion


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