Help I go through items too fast and I can't see if I answered correctly

When stacked with 100s to 1000s of reviews, I can’t help but mash that “Enter” button twice whenever I answer a question.

However, I’ve noticed that I don’t even know whether I got the question correct or not since I’m pressing “Enter” before the javascript can update with the red or green popup.

This isn’t a problem at all for reading questions since I can hear the audio when I get it correct.

Is there any way to fix this dire dire problem, aside from going slower? Is there a way to put a “correct” or “incorrect” notification or color on the screen that doesn’t get wiped away when I go to the next question?


You can use the apps Tsurukame or Flaming Durtles (unofficial apps).

I use Tsurukame and at the end of each session it displays all the incorrect answers for me to review. It is a quite useful feature :slightly_smiling_face:

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I recently discovered the WaniKani Lightning Mode script. It requires you to only press Enter once to proceed to the next question (if you got the answer correct) or it will leave you with your wrong answer (and it will open the explanations but I think that might be configurable). This way you get what you want (I guess) with less keypresses even :wink:


If you’re okay with using scripts, the Double-Check script has both Lightning Mode (as @NicoleRauch mentioned) and Mistake Delay. Mistake Delay sounds like exactly what you’re looking for: When you get an item wrong, it locks out the Enter key for about 1.5sec (or whatever you set it to), so you can’t accidentally skip past a wrong answer.

The script’s primary purpose is to allow you to correct typos, such as fat-fingering a key. If you don’t want that capability, or are afraid you might abuse it to correct things that really shouldn’t be corrected, then you can disable that feature in the settings, and just stick with the Mistake Delay (or Lightning Mode) features.


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