Request: Disable double-clicking enter for wrong answers

I think everyone can understand why I’m asking for this. Rushing through reviews, you’re so sure of your answer that you dont need to see the question turn green. so you double-click enter without waiting for the result of your reviews. But sometimes you get it wrong, and you double-click enter only to see it flash red but move on to the next review.
I wish it wouldn’t let you skip the answers you get right so easily, so you can see what’s wrong when you get it wrong.
Also, maybe make it so you only need to press enter once and it will go to the next review if you’re correct? is there a user script like that? :thinking:


They really should have the “double enter” issue built into the system, but there are user scripts for all this.

[Userscript]: Double-Check (Version 2.x) fixes the “double enter” issue and also will auto-proceed to the next answer if you get it right (via an optional setting). Of course, this script also let’s you undo wrong answers (very powerful, but dangerous), among other things. Pretty much all the features in this script are available individually in separate scripts, but I don’t remember what all the scripts are called.


Woah that was a quick answer and it really does solve that problem well. Thanks!


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