Review items get randomly lowered because of typo (ignore wrong answer didn't help)


My first post, yay although i wish it’d be on better circumstances.
Anyway has anyone noticed that when you enter an answer for your review
item and type it wrong you randomly get lowered?
Normally at the end of reviews you get lowered if you entered any wrong answer.
Today when i entered an answer for one machine ichidai it got lowered(because of typo).
i have ignore wrong answer script for such times but this time it didn’t help.
In my humble opinion this is wrong.

i have noscript on my waterfox browser and i have debian 9.

Any help would be nice.

This kind of problem is very annoying and ruins the fun.

i hope my English is understandable :slight_smile:

Did you already get the answer wrong once before? If you don’t use the ignore answer button the first time you get something wrong, the review item will still get demoted even if you use it the next time around

Not sure if this applies to your situation, but this could be one possibility of why the ignore answer script didn’t help :thinking:

Thank you for the fast reply :slight_smile:

No, i don’t think so. i usually check my percentage often.
Is there an option to reset your progress to what it was before leveling up?
To get an item reset you would have to reset to that level where the item is introduced.
What i mean is it possible to reset your progress to where it was before a review?
Let’s say you get level 2 item wrong at level 5 you would have to reset to level 2 to reset the item.
Is it possible to reset to the start of level 5 and therefore discard any updates not having to restart almost all over?

Sorry if i repeat myself but i am not a native speaker.

No, you can’t erase your progress except for level resets.

With the ignore script, if you press the ignore button twice by accident, it will un-ignore your mistake and you’d be marked wrong. If it happened to you only once, that might be it.

It’s not random, that’s how it’s supposed to work. You make a mistake, it goes a down a SRS level.

Can you give any more details? It could be a problem with the script.

Maybe a problem with noscript? I don’t know how it works but maybe you could check if it’s blocking the ignore answer script.

Thank you for the answers.

After thinking about it i might have answered wrong, pressed enter twice and then exit the review and then restarted.
It is late here so i am a bit tired.
Is there a script that you don’t accidentally press enter and move to next item after a wrong answer?

Also isn’t it a bug that if you answer wrong once and then use ignore wrong answer item still gets demoted?

Anyway thank you for pointing that out.
Too many times i have accidentally typed a reading into a meaning or vice versa even though i know them both.

Wanikani has been so far the best for my learning.

Typos and wrong answers are part of the fun imo.
vanilla is better.

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