Radical leveled down even though correct answer?

So I was just doing my reviews and the Box radical came up. So I entered the name box into the input field and the input field turned green, because obviously my answer was correct.
However at the same time that red box came up, telling me the radical was leveled back down, so now it’s on the very first level again.

Crabigator, why do you do this to me :c

EDIT: I do have userscripts enabled, I hope those aren’t breaking anything, mhh…

I took a peek at your review history for ‘box’, and the info we received was an incorrect answer. :disappointed:

If you see it again, turn off the scripts for a while — it’s my usual support line about not supporting them and not being able to help until the problem shows up without scripts. What scripts are you running, BTW?

@vzwGrey Are you sure you wrote box? I mean, in 3 letter words, writing one different letter will give you a wrong answer while in 4 letter words it will give you a correct answer.

Did you get it wrong in an earlier session that day (or earlier in the same session) without finishing it and forget that you had that earlier miss?

I was 100% certain I wrote box and nothing else, especially because I saw the input field turn green.
Now you’re making me question myself though, haha.

I am running quite a few scripts actually (https://i.imgur.com/xC88jTM.png), and yea, I understand you won’t be able to help much if it’s caused by a script going haywire.

I don’t mind it too much anyway, I quickly got the radical back up to where the other ones are, was just a bit bummed out when it happened.

Oh well.

An item can’t leave your review queue without a correct answer being accepted. So what oldbonsai said doesn’t conflict with what you experienced or what I proposed. WK will keep it in your queue if it thinks your input was wrong, even if some script was the cause of the wrong characters. So if you were told “this answer is right” and also “it has moved down a level” then there was some previous wrong answer input and that’s what oldbonsai saw.

That’s interesting… I will keep that in mind

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