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Back on the grind after 3 (?) years away, and I saw that there’s a reset function available now. I searched around for a little more info, and I wanted to ask/clarify a few things before I commit to a reset:

  1. I understand it erases progress post the level you reset to, but what about the progress of items before that? Say, for example, I reset to level 10, but my next review for an item from level, say, 8 isn’t for another 2 weeks, will it completely erase every other item in my queue post level 10, so my queue will suddenly be much less of a grind for me?
  2. When it erases progress, does it only erase progress AFTER the level you reset to? So say, for example, I was at level 15 when I burned several items from level 1, but I reset to level 10, would those level 1 items that I burned while learning level 15 still be burned?

I realize this may be a little hard to understand or hard to explain… Thanks to anyone who can help clarify!

It makes it as if you had just leveled up to whatever you reset to. In your example your review queue would get dramatically reduced and only have items from levels 1-9 remaining while your lessons would start with items from level 10 (alcohol, beans, ect). None of your progress from levels 1-9 would be affected, so a burned level 1 item will still be burned. However, all items from levels 10+ will have their progress completely reset as if you had never seen them before.

That said, if your review queue is the only reason to reset I would recommend using a reorder script to clear reviews by ascending level and consider resetting if you still have difficulty after that. There’s a good chance you will remember or easily re-learn items that had already achieved master/enlightened status, so resetting 12 levels worth of content may be overkill unless you have a reason to relearn them from scratch.

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I understand now, thank you! And while level ten was just a hypothetical, I hadn’t considered the idea of a reorder script, I will def look into that! Thank you!


I still chose to reset, and I don’t actually regret it, and yours was a longgggg break. However, you can try with the reorder script and if you feel you’re not properly recalling, you could still reset.


I don’t know if WK was designed for people to reset after reaching a high level. But assuming that one starts WK when they’re just starting learning Japanese (meaning only hiragana and katakana, very little grammar), then the example sentences are probably not going to be comprehensible much.

Only when you use WK and learn grammar will you become able to read those sentences. So you can of course click on each individual vocab item and read the sentences again, or you can just reset your level back to 1.

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