Review items change mid-input

I keep having an issue where the currently-reviewing item changes while I’m answering it. It seems to happen most often after my review session times out.

  • I answer an item and press Enter
  • The next item shows up
  • I start answering the current item
  • The item I previously answered suddenly replaces it, clearing my current input

This just happened a moment ago – I ended up (re) answering this item (incorrectly this time!) because it appeared while I was trying to type はい for 杯.


This bug has been known for some time it seems. Any possibility of this being fixed? It’s very annoying to suddenly fail a review through no fault of my own, especially when I previously answered it correctly.

Do you have any scripts running? Do you have another WaniKani review tab open at the same time?

I do usually have No Cigar and Wrong Answer running, but I disabled them once this started happening more often, and it still happens.

And no other review sessions open? Weird stuff tends to happen when there’s more than one session running.

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None. I keep the dashboard open so I can compare my numbers before and after the test, but only one session is ever open at once.

Sorry, can’t help then. You should try emailing them because the devs don’t always see these posts.


Ah, good to know. I’ve seen a few threads where Viet responded so I figured this was the best way. Thanks!

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