Review Reasking Items Bug

Don’t know if anyone else has had this problem, but it started for me (very roughly) a month ago. I was kind of just hoping it would go away, but no such luck. Often when I come back to my computer and start reviews, after about 3 reviews it will suddenly end the session and jump to the review page. This isn’t usually more than a slight annoyance and I can just restart the reviews. Sometimes though a review item will flash on the screen and then immediately go to the next review item with no input from me. Then it seems the system has forgotten some of what I have just reviewed and it will re-ask me things. For example, I just “enlightened” a word that I just got wrong during the same review session (or maybe the session just seconds earlier). Very frustrating. New things will be asked, but ones I have already answered that session will come up 2,3,4 times. The bar on the top of the screen showing progress through the reviews also seems to go wacky, jumping around as if the number of reviews is changing. I do like to have multiple tabs of wanikani open at once (i.e. a review tab and the home page, or info on a kanji), So to see if it would help, before I review I refresh the page and click on the home button again to make sure my page is the “current” one, but this hasn’t seemed to help. I figure there must be other people having the same issue. It never happened months ago, just somewhat recently. Hopefully this can be fixed!
P.S (I use internet explorer, and will probably also email this in. Oh, and I also always use the wrap up feature when finishing reviews)

The only time I had vaguely similar things happen had to do with wrap-up for me.

I don’t feel like it was exactly the same as you describe, but at the time, it would get triggered by me changing my mind about wrap-up. Do you ever hit wrap-up and decide along to turn wrap-up off again to do more items than those 10?

Sounds like a good call to email it to WK as well, as it will mean they can get back to you asap to get things back on track. Hope it can be solved!

Could you try not using internet explorer? That’s a serious suggestion…




Nope, I always finish when I use the wrap up button. I dug up my password so I’ll see how it works in chrome. Actually, wanikani is the only thing I use internet explorer for. At some point it just seemed convenient to make it my one click wanikani access. IE might be pretty sad now because if this works it won’t get used at all, lol.


I have had it re ask for things when I add a synonym.

It often does this. Particularly with the fake radicals they have I go to great extent to add synonyms to all wanikani radicals as either “fake” or “pass” just to rule out getting them wrong and prevent me from learning stuff that will only drain my intelligence. I find when the synonym I want is not there and I deliberately cheat with the radical reviews that it will keep asking me over and over every time I add a new synonym.

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