Current item up for review suddenly changes

Hello, I just started experiencing this a moment ago (did not happen 2-3 hours ago when I was doing reviews).

I’m doing reviews in 10 review chunks (hitting wrap up immediately and just completing the 10) and occasionally when a new term comes up, after a second, it’ll just be replaced with another term. This can cause some issues because I’m sure most people take a quick glance then start typing their response, which will end up causing wrong answers.

If it’s important, I’m currently using two scripts (they’ve not caused this issue previously):

Edit: I also just had an instance of it repeating a term that I had already completed for that review session

Do you use greasemonkey

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I use Tampermonkey for the scripts to work, but as mentioned previously, these have not caused issues before. I’ve had the scripts for ~1 month now.

It’s definitely not the Timeline script.

Theoretically, it shouldn’t be Double Check either, especially with the repeated item issue. But it does mess with the review process, so I wouldn’t totally rule it out. If the problem happens often enough, I’d try disabling Double Check for a while to see if it makes a difference, then be sure to let me know so I can investigate.

If I had to guess, though, I’d lean toward this being a temporary WK glitch.

Sounds good, I’ll try disabling it when I do more reviews this afternoon and update here. Thanks!

I sometimes have the same issue, and I’m not using any scripts.

Sounds like it’s confirmed, then… a WK issue.

Happened to me too. It’s really confusing. I wonder if changed items are marked as correct, because they don’t seem to appear later (can’t be sure though). :\

I forgot to update here; I haven’t seen this occur anymore since a day or so after the original post. Thanks anyway guys!

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