Unable to do reviews -- input box just keep shaking!

Hi all, I’ve been unable to do any reviews for the past day or so. Whenever I try to input a response, the box just shakes a bit as if I’d input a kun’yomi reading in for a kanji item, but the issue occurs no matter what I type and shows up with vocab items too. Sometimes I can get through a couple reviews before the issue reappears. I’ve recreated the issued with Tampermonkey disabled, so that rules out any of my extensions being responsible. Anyone have advice as to how to proceed?

This usually happens if you have multiple instances of the review page of WaniKani open at once for example in tabs or windows.


One of these days I hope @viet or @oldbonsai try to fix the root cause of this, since it keeps happening to people.

Maybe force disconnect other sessions that might be open and select the tab with the latest interaction as the “main tab”? :thinking:

Thanks so much! I took a look around and it turns out that I had a an old lesson session open from when I lost internet connection for a bit. I guess it reconnected, closing it seems to have resolved the problem!

Interestingly I just used my Lesson Filter script to shuffle the lessons while having another lesson tab open, and clicking shuffle in one tab updates both tabs immediately.

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