Review App

I’m coming to grips with the API V2, possibly later than most. Thank you to @rfindley, @viet, @ejplugge, @oldbonsai, @seanblue, @tombo, and others for their patient replies to my questions.

I’m planning a small review app that will to help me mimic how I expanded my vocabulary in other languages.

I would prepare a list of a few dozens words, pronunciation, approximate meaning in the context at hand, a sentence using that word in the that context. I would then go through the words and mentally recall their pronunciation, meaning. Then I would go through the meanings and recall the respective words and pronunciations. Bonus points if I recall the sentence. I would repeat this until recalling takes less and less time and is practically automatic. Then again with the same set of words some time later.

  1. Have you used the same / a similar method to expand your vocabulary in other languages?

  2. Are you using the same / a similar method while learning Japanese?

  3. Do you think that using this method while also using Wanikani would be considered as cheating?

  4. I wonder whether Wanikani’s SRS may not be intensive enough for my way of learning. What I mean is that perhaps I need more repetitions more often than Wanikani’s SRS, hence my idea to supplement my studying with a review app. Have you had a similar experience while studying with Wanikani?

I look forward to hearing your opinion and I’m especially interested to hear from those who have learned a number of languages and/or have reached advanced levels in Wanikani.

Thank you


That’s basically how I used – and why I wrote – my Self-Study Quiz script… minus the sentences, anyway. It’s more work, but I think it helps you internalize things a lot better.


Thank you @rfindley.
That’s exactly my point. To internalize things more firmly, I feel I need more repetitions.
I’m going to check your Self-Study Quiz script - perhaps you have already developed what I’m thinking of (wouldn’t be the first time :slight_smile: )