Vocabulary review outside of SRS

So I’m in a predicament of sorts. I’ve been progressing through Wanikani and I typically have little issue completing my reviews without much trouble. I read a word or a kanji and I can almost always remember the proper answer. However when it comes to trying to recall the Japanese for a particular word outside of my reviews I find myself having lots of trouble. In other words, J to E I’ve been finding to be pretty easy, but E to J has been much more challenging. I would like to study my vocabulary more but I’m hesitant to disrupt the SRS nature of WK. Does anyone have any advice?

There are programs out there that folks have built to complement WaniKani and provide E to J practice with the same SRS structure that WK uses. The two that I’m familiar with are Kaniwani and KameSame. If you’d like more practice with recall, both of those are options to use alongside WK!


As @fallynleaf said, either one of those will do what you’re looking for.

The only way to disrupt the SRS is to encounter a word just before it comes up for review. This also only really matters if it’s on burn reviews since you’ll just fail it later if you don’t really remember it. Wanikani’s timings are based around efficient use of time, not the fastest way to learn. So extra studying isn’t going to cause harm, it’s just better to spend that time on other aspects of Japanese. E-J recall is a good choice, so would be grammar or immersion.


I’ve also been doing bunpro and genki. Glad to hear that I’m not going to undermine my WK by studying those words E to J. Also planning on diving into some immersion once I’m through N5 on bunpro.

I will explore those options that were mentioned… Thanks to both of you. If anyone else has input, I’m happy to listen!


Reading everyday, even if it is only a little, helps me retain vocabulary better. It’s by far my weakest link. I’ve also taken to writing down new vocabulary, or vocabulary I repeatedly miss, in a notebook. It’s nice for me to have something physical to refer to.


Ok so I hate to come back for more help, but I’m trying to get KaniWani going and it looks like I did actually sign into it a couple weeks ago but I had never actually used it. In the settings it’s saying that it last synced with WaniKani 12 days ago when I was still level 2. I can’t figure out how to get it to update. Tried logging in and out, generating new API token, fiddling with settings. Nothing has worked. Any ideas??

I don’t know what could be causing that, unfortunately! Perhaps you could try posting in the thread for it to see if anyone can help?

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I seem to have gotten it fixed just now. Toggled the Follow WK option on and off then it let me “Reset Level to 4” (my current). Before it was stuck at 2. Weird. Anyway, thanks all the same! :slight_smile:

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