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I have been using WaniKani for a few months now to learn Japanese and it has been working wonders. Thought I had experienced interactive ways of learning other languages, the timed built in reviews prevent burnout and mistaking short memory learning with long term.

I can easily recall meanings and pronunciations of vocabulary and kanji of most I have learned. However I have noticed I am having trouble recalling words from English to Japanese. The way WaniKani works at the moment is to present you always with a Japanese vocab word or kanji so our brain are wired to solve that thought constant practice (the reviews). However from my personal expirience it seems this only applies to Japanese->Pronunciation, Japanese->English but not to the opposite English->Japanese.

I have actually met some people since I started studying and I am having conversations in my broken Japanese (since I am still a beginner) but what I notice is that I can’t recall words I have learned, but I can recognize them if someone else uses them.

I would like to suggest if English to Japanese reviews could be added whether that is main thing or something that you can optionally do. Similar to the standard procedure you are presented with an English word and you have to type the Pronunciation

Has anyone else experienced the same problem I have had? What do you think?

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I would recommend using KaniWani. It’s the exact thing your looking for I think.


ye :smiley: that’s exactly what I was looking for!


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An alternative worth checking out is also KameSame.

At level 6 you haven’t yet reached the full workload of even Wanikani, though, so be careful when stacking SRS systems like that. It can get overwhelming fairly quickly and you wanna leave time for grammar and reading and listening and well, uh, the rest of life probably as well :smile: (or lucky you if you can study japanese full time!)


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