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I am searching for a way to practice my own Japanese vocab. I have been using anki, and I really like how it works. The only problem with that is that I have to write every word by hand, which takes both energy and paper. Since I can’t practice it completely digital I end up not practicing at all.

What I am looking for is a program where I can practice my vocabulary with spaced repetition methods and write the answer on my computer. The best would be if the program used the thing that Wanikani uses, where you write with romanji but it changes to kana.

I hoped I posted this in the right thread. Otherwise, a moderator is welcome to change.

Hope you know a good resource for this, or another solution.


Have you tried KameSame?


it’s WK but for vocab, and it’s all free


You can do this with Anki! On the front of your card template, you just need to add {{type:word}} (“word” being whatever you want to type in). No need to change the back side, as long as you show the front of the card still when you show the answer, it will show up :slight_smile:

So this is what my Meaning → Word cards look like (I use it for a different language)

and when you answer it will show the answer like this (made a typo to show how it marks errors)


Which I did by typing this on the front:


It won’t change romaji into kana/kanji, but it does work with typing in Japanese. So if you don’t already have a Japanese IME installed, now’s a good opportunity to get it!


AnkiDroid with stroke order font, for Android. Not sure about AnkiMobile for iOS.

Not sure how would you write on your computer. Touchscreen? Tablet input? Anyway, the idea from KameSame might be good – allow yourself to use an IME. Still, handwriting keyboard is available for Windows 8 and later.

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