Wiritng kanji in vocabulary practice?

Are there any known websites or programs I can use to learn how to write Japanese Vocabulary?

I’ve been using a wanikani anki deck to learn how to write kanji on their own, but I still find I can’t write words using those kanji because I can’t remember which ones to use, even if I could write them separately.
I’m looking for a way to practice specifically being able to write vocabulary, after being given the reading of the word, or the meaning in english. I’ve tried kaniwani but it doesn’t work, because although it does give you the english, if you type in the answer right but have written it down wrong there is no way to mark it as wrong.

The word list doesn’t have to be from wanikani specifically, I just don’t want to have to enter 1000s of words manually into an anki deck or something.

Looking for any advice as to how people got better at handwriting Japanese and being able to remember which kanji to use for each word. Thank you.

I use Kanji Tree app on my tablet.

I think it’s a good apps. It clearly show stroke order and can rate your handwriting score.

However, I’m on-hold on my handwriting pracice for now. Since it consume too much time&effort and my current goal is I want to pass JLPT. I will surely come back to learn how to write in Japanese later.

Personally I’m using this : [Userscript] Self-Study Quiz

Overall I already practice writing vocab words when I’m learning them, I don’t stop at what WK is asking me which is only recognising them. And then from time to time I do big reviews with the self study quiz above, where I listen to the reading and have to instantly be able to know the word / write it down.

Many times there can be readings that match several words (easiest example being “population” and “artificial”), I just write everything that pops and move on.

You mean, handwriting ?

Maybe the best is to search at videos to see how people with nice looking writing do.
And an introduction to callygraphy (書道), particularly on the few basic strokes, and how to write them. Once you get the way to write the basic elements, and knowing the decomposition of a kanji, you can write anything.

A difficuly thing to get is balance and proportion; particularly in handwriting the proportions are a bit different than in printed typeface. The shape of some strokes or elements too.

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