Vocabulary Learning?

hello my fellow japanese-learners!

i really want to get speaking in Japanese but my vocab is very limited. aside from wanikani, I want a stable resource where I can get good vocab! how do you guys study actual vocab? any websites/apps?

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I work with the app Iknow for the vocabulary. iKnow!
You can begin at any level you want. It’s a SRS, like Wanikani. And there’s a very convenient “sentence trainer” tool.
It’s not free, but there’s a free trial

I would just study the vocab lists for the textbooks (Minna no Nihongo books 1+2), WK vocab, and pick up any other vocab from reading, watching and listening, talking to people and such. I never really got into any of the vocab decks to study specifically.

Personally I use the core 10k deck from Kitsun.io. They have put a lot time into their deck and I have found it very useful. It is SRS like Wanikani and has a subscription but it’s very cheap at $6 a month.


Memrise is a good option too, and its free.

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@IgorTheGreat @IgorTheGreat @Saida @Cryptomilk Thank you!!!

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I like working through these books. There’s a guy named Nukemarine on reddit who can share the Anki deck with you if you can show him proof of ownership of these books. The sentences are i+1 in terms of vocab, there is audio for every sentence and the grammar also becomes increasingly more complex.


I’d downloaded an anki core 10k (which I haven’t started) but this looks a lot better I think

I’m using Torii SRS right now, and it has a Wanikani look to it! I do both production and recognition to get the most out of vocabulary learning!!

Thanks a mil! I came to a need to have Anki desk for my N2 and N1 books from this series and now your message comes in like a life savior… I am not registered on reddit, but a search for that person is surely worth it.

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I was personally not a fan of Anki and if i recall correctly the Kitsun deck has had a lot of modifications ane improvements to it

Torii SRS – Japanese vocabulary learning tool (torii-srs.com) I am finding this to be the best all-around for vocab study. It’s free!


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