Reset Progress of Individual Items

Hi Everyone,

I’m working my through a return to Wanikani after a hiatus, and I haven’t been able to find a userscript to help me do one thing that I’d really like.

Is there a way to reset the progress level of individual items that are not yet burned? I have Burn Manager and it’s been a huge help, but the problem I’m trying to solve is this:

I have kanji and vocab items that I haven’t reviewed in a very long time, but since I went on vacation mode the next review isn’t for another two months. Since they’re not burned, I can’t use Burn Manager to reset them, but I’d like to manually bring them back down to apprentice.

Thanks in advance if anyone can help!


Unfortunately, no, there’s no way to reset non-burned items.

Since you’re still relatively low-level, I’d suggest just spending a few days with [Self-Study Quiz] and [Self-Study Hide Info] to review each level a few times. You’ll quickly figure out which ones need refreshing.


Thanks! I wasn’t aware of the Hide Info script and I think it’ll really come in handy for me.

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Another script helpful to review items is Item Inspector. If you configure a custom table you can select for reviews items based on SRS stages and level.

Great, thank you! I’ll give it a try.

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