When to consider moving all burned to master - Progress Slowed - Thoughts?

I really wish there was a script that would automatically resurrect burned items, a few a week based on length burned.

But I’m pretty sure there is no such zombie script.

My job, lawyer, and the pandemic, motivation and depression, has slowed progress.

Been on level 28 for about 200 days. Still do reviews everyday and try to do a few new items but that is rare. Burned about 3000.

Still enjoy plugging away.

Wonder when I should just have my burned items moved to master and then slowly dig into that pile.

Just worried I’ve lost a lot.

Other ideas about what I might do are appreciated other than say going in and manually resurrecting my zombie turtles. Mostly since I’m lazy.

Haha. But if that’s the best way like resurrect say 50 a week, I’ll just have to do it.

My recommendation would be to only move an item out of burn status if you come across it in immersion and completely can’t remember it. Even if it takes you a bit to remember it should come back quickly once you start using it.

If you really want a way to review burned Items there are a couple of options though. You could use Item Inspector to create a list of burned items to quiz yourself as often as you want.

Another option could be to learn to write the Kanji if you haven’t done that yet. I would recommend Ringotan for this as you can set it to wanikani order. Then you learn to write while also reviewing burned kanji. It really helps to differentiate similar kanji when you learn to write them. That’s really the main benefit of learning to write since most people likely won’t be writing in Japanese often.


I started using Kamesame to re-study my burnt items, maybe that could help you a bit.

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You cannot do that unfortunately. If you resurrect an item, it goes to Apprentice 1. (Takes 2 months to get it to master, then.)

I personally have the same issue of forgetting stuff after a while. Therefore I use Anki for my vocab studies which doesn’t burn items. (Sometimes I review an item and it tells me that the next review is due in five years or so, which makes me unnaturally happy.) Also. WK‘s SRS levels are too wide for Guru upwards, and Anki addresses this as well because the gaps are not fixed. (That’s a different story though.)

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Wouldn’t consuming Japanese media outside of WK be a better solution? With media consumption and immersion comes a natural source of spaced repetition, therefore theoretically removing the need for you to un-burn things you’ve already learned.


Thanks all.

I’m pretty sure WK can set reset burned to a specific level for you. I can not do this directly. They can only do en masse, however, as I recall.

I work around 70 to 80hrs a week so spending more time doing things is not going to solve the issue - will get even worse work wise until about April. That’s why I like the idea of trying to slowly let older items back into the mix (the auto zombie) in a measured way while keeping reviews around 100 or so a day which I can do even when working a lot.

I know I can use flaming durdles to set to review burned and burned over a certain time frame.

Also does not really solve the slow burn I’m looking for that will work for my personal schedule.

Also, practicing writing will not work as being dyslexic, writing was the reason I ditched Japanese when young because it was incredibly difficult and frustrating. So if I see letters out of order in my native language, writing was even more challenging. Thank goodness for IME keyboards.

I appreciate the ideas all.

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