Reviewing after burning?

Hey, I’ve just got to level 7 on Wanikani, and as more and more Kanji, vocab and radicals reach Enlightened Level for me, I’m wondering whether or not I’ll be able to review the items after they reach the Burnt Level. I’m worried that if I don’t, I will forget them pretty fast. Thanks :slight_smile:

They won’t show up in your review queue after you burn them, no. If you find that you’re forgetting them, you can either manually unburn them or install a userscript that will allow you to review them. I believe this is one: [Outdated] [Userscript] Burn Reviews (ver 2.2.5) but I have not personally used it.

But the way SRS works is that you shouldn’t forget burned items for a while, as long as you continue see them every now and then (through native content, etc.) I wouldn’t worry that much about it.


I don’t think that one is maintained so it would be better to use the Self Study Quiz script


Ok thanks guys :slight_smile:

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Even if you forget them. It probably won’t take that long to “oh i knew that i have seen it before”
Edit: first time i get like from kumirei
“I feel blessed”

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Honestly I’ll be glad that my work load will stop increasing (or at the very least, grow considerably slower) once I start burning items.

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I have imported WK into Anki and am working my way through the levels again. Items that I still remember get scheduled 2 years ahead, and items that I don’t remember well get a shorter interval

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