[Request] Exact time of next review

Hello everyone! When I decided to switch from the WK app for Android to the website, I tried to replicate most of the functionality the app brought with itself. One of it being conveniently showing the exact time of the next review on the dashboard. I’m a bit bothered by the vague “about x hours” string and would like to see 18:00 (e.g.) instead. Is there a user script that does that? I looked around the forums and googled a bit but couldn’t find anything. I’d be happy to be given some pointers if that exists somewhere. :slight_smile:

A user script that behaves as described and displays the time in the 12-h format can now be found here:
WaniKani Exact Review Time by Chrysus

Alternatively, this script can be used too, though it lacks some of the features of the one above:
Similar but simpler script with 24-h format (greasyfork.org)

Hmm well there’s the Ultimate Timeline script which has a lot of cool functions, including a visual of the time + amount of upcoming reviews – hovering over the bars displays the exact review times as well

Yes, I saw and installed that one. It certainly has its advantages, however that information not clearly visible on a glance. And I think it would be a good use of the space that is currently used by the vague text.

I gotcha, hmm sorry I don’t think I’ve seen a script like that yet :thinking: I think by default, hovering your mouse over the time until next review shows you the exact time, though I can’t currently confirm this because mine are available now c:

I feel like WK intended to display the time but maybe something is broken? When you hover over the “next review in ~1 hour” bit, your cursor turns into a question mark like it’s going to show you some informational tooltip, but it never does. Additionally, the “~x hours” text has the exact unix timestamp of your next review attached to its HTML element, so, paired with the cursor change, it’s like they intended to show you this data but maybe it doesn’t work.

Oh I didn’t see @MissMisc said the exact same thing, except hers shows the time like you’d expect. This has, for some reason, never worked for me in Chrome though.

When I get home I can probably write a Tampermonkey script that replaces the “~x hours” element with the exact time. Should not be difficult.

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Ooo, just tested it, this script displays the exact time!


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Ah, I see, thank you. This is much closer to what I want, though I think it’s either not working or my end or doesn’t change the countdown when it’s exact minutes. Unfortunately, I can’t change it to test it right now, as I would have to complete the reviews first. Also, it doesn’t use the 24-h format, but maybe it could be modified a little bit to adjust that.

In the meantime, I threw a script together (kind of in a quick and dirty way) to replace just that single item on the dashboard with the exact time. Works flawlessly for my purposes.
Here it is, if anyone wants a quick fix for this: https://greasyfork.org/en/scripts/371972-wanikani-exact-review-time/code. I am by no means a JavaScript developer and it surely lacks in a lot of aspects, so have a little mercy. But it works for me, so I thought, why not share it? (Also, yes, it’s not updated live, so when it changes to ‘Available Now’ it will still display the exact time. I’m sure that can be fixed by monitoring changes somehow, but as of now I didn’t see it as a critical feature).

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reeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee you named your script the exact same as mine ^-^


Huh, indeed. I guess it’s intuitive, haha. Yours looks a little more sophisticated than mine though. Thank you for all that effort. I think I’ll go ahead and set mine to unlisted to avoid any confusion.

Nah you should keep it public and let the masses vote on which they like :smirk: Plus yours is 24-hour and mine is 12-hour.

Well, a user could easily change the time format in your script if they are a little tech savvy. And mine’s still available using the direct link. Perhaps I’ll link them both and update the description to make them a little easier to find and distinguish.