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I’d love to see the option within the UI of Wanikani to be able to report answers marked as being correct as being correct. Often the list of acceptable answer synonyms don’t take into account British English eg. 体育 has the answer “PE Class” but the British phrase “PE lesson” is rejected. Here’s another example:


You can add your own synonyms on the item’s page or during reviews (after answering), but you’re also free to send suggestions to

They’ve generally included UK spellings as alternate answers (like colour and such) but don’t always consider when UK English uses a different word altogether.


I second this. Also you can use undo script/ unofficial app if such things happen.

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Here are some scripts/extensions which help marking “correct” answers as correct:

  • Double Check by @rfindley: allows you to mark correct answers as incorrect (eg, WaniKani accepted it because it was close enough, but you’re actually wrong), or incorrect answers as correct (eg, in case of a misspelling/typo).
  • Override maintained by @Mempo: Adds an “ignore” button that allows you to mark answers you got wrong as correct. WARNING: PLEASE USE THIS SCRIPT RESPONSIBLY AS MISUSE WILL LEAD TO NOT PROPERLY LEARNING ITEMS.
  • Edit: I don’t think this one is valid anymore
    WaniKani Helper by maneKozaru: various useful user scripts all in one extension. features real numbers for reviews and lessons, upcoming reviews timeline, override incorrect answers in reviews, reordering, more info about upcoming reviews.

Also relevant:

  • Lesson User Synonyms maintained by irrelephant: allows you to add user synonyms during lessons as well as user synonyms and notes to unlearned items’ pages.

See List of API and Third Party Apps for more useful stuff

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