Incorrect answers being accepted

It’s not the first time it accepts a wrong answer when my answer was “a bit off”, which I find annoying. Is there a way to solve this?

Since WaniKani isn’t intended to teach us English, it’s set up to be a bit lenient when it comes to the English answers. Trouble is, as you’ve noticed, sometimes answers that are absolutely wrong are close enough to the correct answer to also be marked correct.

The way around this is to install a user script - specifically, the Double Check script. It allows you to mark correct answers as wrong. Alternately, you can set it to “close but no cigar” mode, which means it’ll no longer accept answers that aren’t precisely correct.


This leniency helps when you speak British English and a lot of words are spelled differently here. I get the “Not quite correct” pop up for things like ‘to utilise’.


What’s going on here is that it thinks that northeast is two typos in southeast. This might be worth a bug report even though it isn’t technically a bug. I would phrase it something like “The anti-typo function counts northeast the same as southeast.”


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