Mark as correct after adding synonym

Don’t know if this has been said before, but something that has caught me out so many times is when I type in a synonym of a word that isn’t in the synonym list by default, and it gets marked wrong. It would be really great if after adding a synonym, WaniKani would realise that the answer should be correct. Otherwise the word gets knocked back down and you have to wait until next time before your synonym is accepted.


HAHAHA WK doesn’t fix things like this. You’re on your own kid!


Yeah, I would like a feature like that in base wanikani too.

Currently, I’m using the double check user script to get this functionality.

What you can also do is use add the synonyms as soon as you learn the item during your lessons.


Yeah, I know, but I often just accept what it tells me in the lesson, and then in the review I go through a different thought process.


it would be a great feature to have in vanilla WK.

getting super annoyed at this is one of the big reasons i started using double-check


This feature is covered only in userscripts, unfortunately. We can ping mods to see if the dev team could consider this for their roadmap going forward, but recently they’ve been busy (I am assuming?) so it might take long before it’s implement or even considered.


For me, the main reason was stupid typos. But the synonym thing was a nice plus.


oh yes, typos were the other big issue. but the thing which tipped the scales was WK refusing perfectly valid synonyms


Yeah, could be good, though I don’t really expect they would fix it, especially if they’re busy.

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Oh yeah haha the typos get me sometimes and then I just add what I typed as a synonym. I forgot about that too.