Reee speach option please

Update, the original post of this had bad spelling and grammar and I didn’t really care for it but I realized it was kinda cringe so this is an update. Yeah, didn’t really expect it to get so many replies. I wrote it at a time where I had little understanding about how the sight worked. I wasn’t aware of scripts or anything. Thusly, a lot of what I read was really dumb. So, to update, there are many scripts that solved the I thought was limited functionality of the sight. Scripts really are the best. Thanks to so many people responding to the original post.


Speech to text for the English part or the Japanese part? Your phone probably already has a way to do speech to text for both, except you could only use it for English since the Japanese version would try to convert it to kanji which is no good for WaniKani reviews. iPhone can definitely do this, and I imagine (but don’t know for sure) that Android has it as well.


There are unofficial apps - Tsurukame for iOS and Flaming Durtles for Android (possible among others) - you can use them by putting in an API key. Both have the option to ignore a wrong answer if you make a typo, which might be helpful.

You can also put Flaming Durtles into Anki mode (as I recall - don’t use it often) which skips the typing - you think of/say the answer to yourself and then self-grade whether or not you knew it - personally I like typing in answers, but if you don’t, that is an option. My only caution would be that it’s easy to tell yourself you knew something when you didn’t when self-grading or ignoring errors - as long as you’re honest with yourself, it should be fine.


This seemed to be well received:

Technology challenged:


The Flaming Durtles app is astonishingly good. Like, if WK paid a developer team to make an official app they couldn’t do better, good.

It’s what I use when can’t be in front of a proper laptop but have some time to kill and need to do some reviews.

I have the same issue with typing on a phone, but Flaming Durtles makes it as easy as it can be to correct the typo. I have no qualms about using Undo for pure phone typos and it doesn’t slow me down that much given that phone typing is already slow.

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:joy: I feel for you Siri, he’s speaking gibberish! :rofl:


You should check flick input for Japanese. Since it has fewer keys buttons are much larger and easier to hit, and additionally, you can increase the height of the keyboard in the phone settings.

You will be using different keyboards for reading and meaning but don’t worry about manually changing them all the time, if you are using Flaming Durtles it does so automatically.

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I feel the same way about Tsurukame. I did the entirety of Wanikani on it. :slight_smile:

Thanks :pray:
I’ll definitely give Tsurukame a try
(it’s not the typing on a phone, although my fingers are tooo big,
but rather the text size is too small unless I put it in landscape, and then the scrolling up and down :joy:. Joys of getting older I suppose).

Just installed it, and the interface is great ~ apparently I should level up in 7 hours, better cancel my plans for this evening & get stuck into those new lessons & reviews :rofl::rofl:,

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Update. Didn’t expect this post to get so many views. I did not even know about scripts when I wrote this. I was just so frustrated back than because I was using my phone most of the time to do wanikani instead of a computer. I feel really dumb now that I know scripts are a thing. I was really frustrated at the time because I was working 50-60 hours a week so I didn’t have a lot of time to use my computer.

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