Wanikani on mobile

I mostly do wanikani on my mobile device as I commute a lot and I noticed a thing that I think could be improved.

When you get a review right, the keyboard disappears and you have to move your finger up to click next since your enter key is gone. This was okay before since I had a small phone, but now since most phones are becoming bigger and “taller”, it’s becoming really uncomfortable.

Maybe moving the next button lower on the screen so that it is hidden when the keyboard is open would be an easy improvement on mobile?


I use wanikani on my phone too. And i didn’t face any issues except mistyping a word(pressing wrong key and enter)

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I think all mobile WaniKani apps are third party, actually - they’re not developed by the same people that make the website. So posting about it here wouldn’t help, bc you’re not telling the developers of the app.
You might need to look in the app store for who developed the app you’re using. There’s quite a few that were developed by students.

If you are using iOS device i highly recommend app called Tsurukame :slight_smile:


i agree with it.

Ooohhh gotcha.
They probably don’t optimize the website for mobile, since they didn’t make an app for it :confused:
Maybe try one of the third party apps? I recently found Flaming Durtles for Android and it’s pretty good so far.


Not having a mobile app is exactly when you need to optimize the mobile website.


Make sure you look through all the options in the Settings, there’s a lot of stuff in there that you wouldn’t expect (there’s also advanced settings that are disabled by default, you need to activate them first), like Anki mode, customizable buttons, different fonts etc.


Like others had said, Flaming Durtles is a pretty good app. No issues on keyboard, except that delete and enter button are too close so I always have to retype.

I use both the website and Flaming Durtles on Android. I use the website to revise and for new lessons, and Flaming Durtles for the reviews, because that works best for my brain.

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