Is there a wanikani app?

Hi! Do you guys use a wanikani app?
Thank you for replying!


There are a few. Check here: The New And Improved List Of API and Third Party Apps :slight_smile:


Personally I use Jakeipuu. It’s on android but I’m not so sure about apple if that’s what you use.


There isn’t an official app, no, but plenty of 3rd party options. Flaming Durtles, Tsurukame are probably the most popular options for android and iPhone. I only ever used Tsurukame, and only very little. I’m sure others can say more about their experience of it.


I’ve been looking at the apps yesterday too. I think Jakeipuu has the more modern interface. I haven’t used Tsurukame (might have years ago) but according to the screenshots it looks to have the old interface. You might wanna try them both out though :slight_smile: Tsurukame allows for offline reviewing though, if that’s what you need.


(iOS) I use Jakeipuu and Tsurukame. The former has a better GUI and lets you choose what reviews/lessons you want to do, but sometimes takes 1-2 mins to load. I use it when I want to learn new kanji without all the vocab.

I use the latter for doing general reviews.


I’ve been using Flaming Durtles since I started. I like its simplicity, and configurability. Haven’t had to look elsewhere since I installed it.

It shows stats like:

  • How many JLPT kanji you have learned (classified by the SRS stages)
  • A graph of your progress over time
  • The number of radicals, kanji and vocabulary in your pending Lessons and Reviews.
  • Number of radicals, kanji and vocabulary grouped by SRS stages
  • Recent unlocks
  • Critical condition items, etc.