Recent mistakes - longer than 24 hours?

Recent mistakes are now limited to appearing for 24 hours only, which I understand is designed to encourage users to complete their reviews as quickly as possible. However, I don’t always have the time to do all of my reviews every day, particularly on weekends. This means that I lose the ability to practice my recent mistakes before undertaking a review batch. It’d be nice if recent mistakes or common wrong kanji could last longer than 24hrs.


I concur. 48 or 36 hours would be nice.

On the other hand, the way the feature works, doing a review of recent mistakes is an all or nothing activity. Therefore if I had 20 items which I had already re-quizzed on and then 3 more were added, there is no way to re-quiz on the most recent mistakes, only the whole set of 23. If a subsequent review adds 3 more, well you get the picture.

Would be nice if:

  • items missed during a review are added to recent mistakes (as is already the case)
  • upon running a re-quiz of items in the recent mistakes, any correctly answered items are removed from the recent mistakes, missed items remain in the list
  • eliminates need for a time limit at all. Except of course that for anyone that never uses the feature the list would become very large over time and take up a lot of space and so a time limit would still be useful/needed, but longer than 24 hours would be nice.

If you get the Item Inspector, it also has the ability to list recent mistakes and then you can decide for how long those should remain on the list. You can also quiz yourself on the items. :slight_smile:


That’s why, actually. It kind of defeats the purpose of waiting increasing amounts of time to see if you remember, if you’re going to refresh your memory right before the test.

It’s really for drilling yourself right after you missed them, to give yourself a good chance to remember it for the whole waiting interval you’re on.


I concur. That is how I use it.

Surely it should be up to users to determine which methods work best for them to study, though.

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