New Recent Mistakes Dashboard Component

What was that item that I got wrong in my Reviews just now? Shoot, I wanted to review it. Now you can, directly on your Dashboard. The new Recent Mistakes component displays your mistakes from the past 24 hours.

Why would you even want to see your Recent Mistakes? So you can take action on the things you need to work on, and shore up your memory before your next Reviews. Doing this will make you more likely to recall those items correctly when they come back around.

And by doing them within 24 hours (i.e. soon after you got them wrong), you’re much less likely to mess up your SRS timings. That’s why mistakes from beyond that time period float away into the ether. There’s a limit to what is “recent,” and that limit happens to be 24 hours.

We want you to create a habit of looking through this list right after a Reviews session. Scanning this list, and recalling the correct answers on your own, will help you to get items correct in your next Reviews session. It will help you to break through problem items as well.

Need additional help with something? You can click any of your recent mistakes to view their Item page and double check the meaning, read the mnemonics, and so on. You can also choose to redo the Lessons for problem items, or quiz yourself on them again.

This extra practice won’t count towards your regular Lessons and Reviews, or affect the SRS timings.

It’s a small amount of post-Reviews study that will pay huge dividends over the course of the long haul that is “learning Japanese.”

You can use this feature by getting something incorrect in your reviews (just wait until it happens, no need to do it on purpose!). When you go back to your dashboard, you’ll see the incorrect item listed inside the Recent Mistakes component.


Q. Why do Recent Mistakes disappear after such a short period? Why not make them disappear once the item comes back into the review queue?

We want to encourage learners to review this list soon after they’ve completed a Reviews session. You still want to have some time between when you studied the item and when you recall it again in your Reviews. Studying an item moments before it comes up in Reviews is like cramming for a quiz at school in the minutes before class starts. You may get a few more questions right, but are you really learning? Although this still may happen with items at low SRS stages, studying before Reviews with short timings will have less of an effect than if you study an item right before it comes up, say, one or two weeks after its last Review. In other words, the purpose of the information in Recent Mistakes is to study the items soon after you got them wrong, not right before you’re supposed to test yourself on them.

Q. How should I use the Recent Mistakes list to study?

We encourage you to go through each item and recall the correct answer(s), just right there in your head. When you’re not sure what the correct answer is, click on the item to view the item’s page for more detail. If you’re not sure for most of them, click Redo Lessons to study them all from scratch. You can also select the Lessons you want to do at the bottom of the Lessons screen. If you don’t need to study them again, but you need some extra practice, click on the Quiz button.

Q. In what order are the Recent Mistakes listed in?

Recent Mistakes are listed by order of severity. The more you get an item wrong over its lifetime, the higher up it will appear in the list. That’s our way of saying, “study these ones more, they’re giving you trouble!”. After severity, they are sorted by when you made the mistake. In other words, if you got two items wrong twice, the more recent item will appear first out of the two.

Q. Can I sort Recent Mistakes only by when I made the mistake?

Not currently, but we plan to add more sorting and filtering options someday.

Q. A Recent Mistake I had in the past 24 hours disappeared, what happened?

Most likely, you got that item correct in a Reviews session after getting it wrong in a previous Reviews session. If you get an item correct in a Reviews session before 24 hours have gone by, it disappears from the Recent Mistakes list.


That’s the “summary page” back!!
It looks good, the sorting improvements will be much appreciated.
Thank you for the hard work!


Yay! We won’t have anymore topics opening up about the summary page missing! Also sounds like a solution people would enjoy.


This is not the summary page. I want to see the summary page to see how much I got right and which items leveled up, this only shows my errors. The whole point of the summary page for many is that it was motivating because it told you how much you got right.


But I thought the point in the summary page was to check the mistakes and have a somewhat easier acces to read the mnemonics and therefore elarn it again.

I’m sorry if I was mistaken :confused:

I just tested the functionality, the idea is good, I like it but… can of course be improved.
For example, say one has more than 50 mistakes in the last 24h, the ability to filter the items and do the reviews in “batches” sounds to me more appealing and useful. I, for instance, wouldn’t feel overwhelmed by the +50 items bright on my list and would be able to focus in just, let’s say, 10 items at a time.


The summary page did both. Its both a tool and encouragement to see all those level up arrows, and even level down arrows.

I have mixed feelings on this update. It took them half a year to do… this. Not really impressed.


So this is temporary while you work out how to bring back the actual summary page then? Since it clearly isn’t the same is it?

You used to get a percentage. You used to be able to hover over the items in the summary (which was the only place you could) to see the meaning and the reading.

You also got to see which items moved up or down your SRS stage.

So months of work for something not as good as the summary page then…

EDIT: It also takes up a lot of space, so I now have to scroll down to see the info I really want (which is how many items I have in my apprentice queue and if there is not too many I will do another lesson).


Unfortunately this is likely the end of it. When they announced this little “project”, they said the summary page would not be coming back, only a form of it…


Maybe it’s because I made a lot of mistakes, but I think the dashboard is a bit more cluttered now that this component has been added. I mean, I certainly have to scroll more to reach the level progress or the critical condition items.

Looking at the dashboard as a whole there are a lot of “panels” scattered around, it’s becoming more and more less immediate to have a quick glance of the status of one’s reviews and lessons since you have to scroll quite a bit to see them all. It would be cool to let us move components around and/or toggle what components we’re interested to see in the dashboard.

Even putting this new component as a page where the users would land when clicking on the old “Recent Mistakes” inside the “Extra Study” component would’ve helped reducing the “load” needed to process the dashboard. I understand that the new component had to be highlighted so that users would see it, but I don’t think slapping a bunch of kanji/vocabs on the top of it is an elegant solution.


huh so this is what the new thing on my dashboard is



Its good to have some feedback on recent mistakes. But as some already mentioned it would be great to have this hover option. Yes you can click it to get the details but having the hover option with immediate feedback for reading and meaning is useful. I dont want to click on 10 items and each time go back to click into the next. That would be tedious.


If we had the option to pick the summary page or this I feel like most users would want the Summary Page, but if this is the grand replacement I won’t bring it up anymore. Just a word of advice: Don’t remove features that are being updated before said update is complete. This could have been a much less dramatic issue had this been done in a normal way.


I waiting for the first script: " remove recent features section " for a less cluttered page


Thank you!! I’m grateful for the feature and I love it. Good job WK team!


This sentence does not seem to parse in my head, however hard I try.


A very pleasant surprise to see on the dashboard this morning. Definitely missing the hover feature as others have pointed out, but Yomichan (Chrome, Firefox) provides that functionality. Still would be nice to have it baked in, though :slight_smile:


I think a “Recent Mistakes” page (aka Statistics) is extremely useful in general, but

  • it doesn’t replace the functionality of the Summary Page which was tied to the review session and users were already used to that workflow - seeing their own mistakes and stage changes of individual items as they are being reviewed

  • Why a 24-hour cutoff? What about items which are above Guru and their reviews will happen less often than every 24 hours? That sounds like an arbitrary cutoff dictated by backend limitations.

  • Why not keep the information previously available on the Summary Page like overall accuracy, item stage changes, etc.?


Now Extra study mover can do that…


This seems to be a very useful feature and I’m sure I will be using it a lot. But IT IS NOT a suitable replacement for the Summary Page! For me the most important feature of the Summary Page was that it displayed the percentage I got right (both meaning and reading), and that was my primary metric to measure if I was really improving. It has already been many months since it was taken away and I still feel upset after each review because I can’t see that number anymore :frowning:


Correct me if I’m wrong but wasn’t this already a feature previously in the extra study panel? Perhaps it functions a bit differently now but it feels largely the same having just tried it out. It’s fine and all, and I’ll continue to make use of it as I already did, but can we please get some clarification on whether this is intended as the solution to the summary page absence? It needn’t be, but people are obviously going to jump to conclusions given it’s been a constant talking point for months now and there hasn’t been a lot of hard communication on the matter.

If it is intended as such then I’d say it’s insufficient for me personally. If not then no worries I guess (though I’d still like to know when we’re actually getting that functionality back).