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I hope you guys will understand what I mean by my following question: I wanted to know if it is possible to rearrange the lessons on Wanikani, so that I can do first the Radicals, then the Kanji and finally the vocabulary. When I leveled up from Level 6 to 7, I wanted to do the Radicals and the Kanji of level 7 before the remaining words of level 6 but it did not work out. I still had like 25 words from the level 6. And now after I have done them all in one day, I realized that my brain did not learn them properly (and so I was less efficient than before when I did 10 new lessons per day). Therefore, I ask my question again: Can I rearrange the lessons how I want them to be?

Thank you very much XOXO

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Yes, it is possible to do this! One option is to install the lesson filter userscript on your computer (this is what I use). There are also other scripts that you can use to reorder your lessons, but I haven’t tried any of the others. Here’s a long list of userscripts that people in the community have made.

However, do keep in mind that if you prioritize the radicals and kanji over the vocabulary, it’s very important to still get the vocab lessons done in a fairly timely manner and don’t put them off for several levels (or never). Reorder scripts can give you the power to technically reach level 60 while skipping all of the vocab, but it’s very important not to do this, because the vocab lessons teach other readings of the kanji that you don’t get with the kanji lessons alone. So if you do start reordering your lessons, make sure you’re doing so responsibly, or you could create a lot of trouble for yourself down the line.

My strategy is to use the lesson filter script to spread out my kanji lessons so that I’m doing three of them a day alongside ten vocab lessons, which keeps things nice and balanced and ensures that I don’t get too ahead with the kanji. I’ve found that I learn the kanji better if I don’t do all of my kanji lessons in big batches.


Is there a specific reason, why you wan’t to rush the new levels? Because if you prioritize the new radicals and Kanji you will get even more vocabulary to your lessons even faster. If your comfortable learning speed is 10 lessons a day, I think it is better to first learn everything from the previous level before starting a new one.

I know, it feels great to reach a new level, but rushing Wanikani isn’t really helping you learn Japanese. The new information hasn’t time to settle into your brain if it’s too much and you can burn out sooner or later because your review pile will grow really fast. I realize that how much info someone can process is highly individual, so you should go with what you feel you can handle and “trust in the system”.

Personally I gave up on having 0/0 all the time and focus on doing my reviews every day. And only when they have shrunk enough so that I feel I can handle new stuff I add a few new lessons.

But that’s just my few cents :smiley: I hope you consider them :wink:


I do not use any lesson order scripts, as I am doing a lot of lessons mobile and the scripts do not work there. However at around level 10 or 11 I started to set my lesson order to random. With this I usually get a mix of vocab, kanji & radicals. I like this much more than learning 30 kanji in a row and then 100 vocabs in a row. Most of the time I just go with what it gives me randomly, but sometimes when I want to get more radicals or kanji sooner I will just reload the page until the lesson contains at least one or two of the items I wanted. And it still helps to avoid tons of vocab lesson backlog…

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Thank you very much for the links. And you are right I should reconsider my method before rearranging. I want to read all the Kanji as soon as possible so that I can read the japanese subtitles in Anime and read mangas haha but I think slowing a little bit down and giving more time to vocabulary is a better option. Thank you again!

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Yes you are right! I should reconsider my learning schedule again, thanks for the tips.

yeah youre right!

I do around 10 lessons a day and I do rearrange my lessons, but I always finish the vocab from the previous level before the next level up (well, way earlier). I think that’s very important.
What I do is combining that “left” vocab from the previous lesson while doing the radicals and kanji from the next lesson. For example if you have 25 vocab left, I’d do 5 radicals+5 vocab until I finish the radicals, then I do the same for the kanji. When I run out of previous level vocab I mix it with the unlocked current level vocab. When I don’t hace more radicals or kanji I do 10 vocab. (sometimes I might do up to 15 lessons)
It works quite well for me, but it is not super fast, usually around 15-20 days for level. But it is fairly efficient.

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yeah it does mean nothing if you’re longer on a level. Everyone has his own way of studying :smiley: . Thank you for your input

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