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Sep 12: Spice & Wolf (20 → 21%)
Sep 13: Spice & Wolf (21 → 24%)

Seems like the goal for this week is ~30%.
I added boxes for September month in home post, but I forget to check them off :caught_durtling:

If I may rant a tiny bit about unrelated stuff

Too much pupil dilating eye drops lately (tropicamide), but it is required for current lab assignment. Really messes with accomodation and light sensitivity, as well as the result of other lab activities. smh


September 13th!

Today I read Chapter 3 of Flying Witch, and spent a page and a half being utterly baffled by how completely incomprehensible I was finding one of the characters… before realising it was basically a joke that he spoke with a strong dialect and the main character couldn’t understand him either.


None of this is words :exploding_head: :sob:

It was a fun chapter once my brain had stopped melting though!

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Oh! I can almost understand the first part. (That dialect tends to remove some い sounds, and に becomes さ)
You can use the ??? behind the house.


You got it! :star:

“You can use the field behind the house.”

I honestly stared at that panel for several minutes questioning my sanity. Like “Obviously I recognise all of these characters… yet I see no words here” :rofl:

Next Page

I have never identified as much with a character in a manga as I did on the next page when I realised she didn’t understand either!

This is why I provided a translation in the book club.

I’m fairly confident in the accuracy of my translation.


Day 1

I used to read daily but stopped because of depressing circumstances relating to my health. I’d like to get back on it tho! I don’t have complete faith in my persistence but I know if I did it before then I can do it again.

I also hope continuously updating this thread with my progress will encourage me to remain consistent with my japanese learning since I’m already on wanikani :grin:

Current Book:

They Both Die At The End by Adam Silvera

Current Progress:

Page 64 / 373


Home post

ルーパーズ finished chapter 7.

One more chapter to catch up and then the current one, looking hopeful. Sadly back to reading super late :joy: but reading is reading.


無職転生 got kind of hard to read at chapter two so I started Eromanga Sensei 4. That’s a real easy read and I was bookin’ it through the pages. On jpdb.io I am doing the Goblin Slayer deck so when I get around to it I’ll be ready for it.


September 13 :blossom: Home Post

Same old story, I meant to read more but ended up doing other things, read about a page of 跡を消す, business as usual really :joy:


:spiral_calendar: Day 75: September 13th :motor_boat: :dolphin:

spacer:plunger: スーパーマリオくん Volume 1 (89% ➨ 94%)

(Too much Splatoon 3 today…)



I was playing Splatoon 2 a couple days ago because my wife was saying all the kids are playing right now. BUT I promised myself Nier Automota and Persona 5 were gonna be the only new games I buy for the rest of the year. T-T



Too tired yesterday evening to feel like booting up my laptop, so I’m updating now:

I finished vol 1 of おうちでごはん. I really like it, though it’ll probably be a bit before I get to vol 2. Also I don’t know if it does actually take longer to read than I was anticipating, or if it just seems that way because I’ve been more tired lately.

I only just realized that the first kanji in 瓜沢 isn’t つめ. It’s うり. “Melon.” I didn’t question it since pretty much everyone seems to be named after a plant or animal (particularly edible ones; I think 遠藤 is the only exception, unless wisteria are edible?) and claws go with the animal theme. Plus, he keeps a bunch of tortoises. (爪 and 瓜 are only two strokes off, why aren’t they listed as visually similar)

I also started HQ vol 24 and read ch 208-210.

Some vocab of note:

フトコロが寂しい (フトコロがさびしい) [expression, い-adj.] strapped for cash; hard up
棒に振る (ぼうにふる) [expression, ラ五] to make a mess of; to sacrifice; to waste


Sep 14, Wed of Week 12 of Summer :beach_umbrella: 2022

I finished reading HUNTER x HUNTER Vol.6 in about 2 days. It’s a little tiring to finish in one day (one session). Looked up and learnt vocabularies, but those aren’t enough for my listening (watching HUNTER x HUNTER 1999 no sub at Ep.37).

Watched Death Note Ep.12 with JP sub just now. Just mention because it accompanies my manga reading. Anime doesn’t catch up yet, though. (Normal speech aren’t exactly difficult to listen, but synthesized speeches (in in-anime video clips) are.)


:tiger2: :books: The Tanuki Falling Leaf Party: Date 20220914 :fallen_leaf: :raccoon:

吾輩は狸である progress: 25.22% :bangbang:

Wagahai-cat completes his Cattical Espionage Action.

Mission complete: S Rank

:chestnut: Japanese found within the acorns :chestnut:


「うずら」ー Quail
贔屓「ひいき」ー Favour; patronage; favouritism
癇癪「かんしゃく」ー Temper; irritability; fit of anger
「ちん」ー Japanese spaniel; Chin (dog)
迂濶「うかつ」ー Careless; thoughtless; unobservant
剣突「けんつく」ー Rough scolding; tongue lashing (also: 剣突く)
束髪「そくはつ」ー Hairstyle, bun tied at the back of the head introduced in the Meiji era.
鶯茶「うぐいすちゃ」ー Greenish-brown
「めかけ」ー Mistress


September 14th!

Chapter 4 of Flying Witch today - I read it much more smoothly today as there were no terrifying dialects in this chapter. :grin:

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Yesterday I read a bit of Eromanga Sensei. Watched too much anime so I couldn’t finish the first chapter.

I bought a book called “Pride and Joy” that just got a Bunko release. The sample was really easy to read so I though I would go ahead and get it since it was so easy to read and also interesting. Plus it seems like I can read that without fear someone is gonna read the words EROMANGA over my shoulder and judge me xD


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岸辺露伴(きしべろはん)(うご)かない 2

Start - 21

As I suspected, the storytelling element is a feature not a bug. I don’t think I’m very fond of it though. This opening story feels like Rohan comes off as Rob Sterling, which is just not bizarre enough but also too bland to be off putting.

The premise of this story is that every member of a particular family seems to die on 9/8. I’m wondering what’s special about that day. The closest thing I can think of is the lunar holiday of Double Ninth Day (9/9). In Japan, some areas have switched their lunar holidays to the secular calendar instead. This isn’t a popular holiday by any means though. 9 is supposed to be a very unlucky number, so 9/9 should be very unlucky, however the holiday has changed to make it so double unluck becomes lucky. If I remember the original story from China though, disaster befell everyone in a village who didn’t take refuge on that day. It seems therefore to possibly be related but I’m not sure. The family’s name 望月also means full moon and that day even, but I don’t think it’s an arbitrary choice.

On the other side of things, wondering if Araki drew this from memory or used a reference is plaguing my mind.


Day 2

Reached the 2nd arc :smiley:

I tend to read more chapters the more I get invested, but it’s also based on my mood. Some days I’ll read only 5 pages, but other days I’ll go for 15. Wish I was more consistent in that regard, but it probably doesn’t matter much since the book will be finished eventually no matter how fast or slow I go.

Current Book:

They Both Die At The End by Adam Silvera

Current Progress:

Page 80 / 373



Today I finished vol 24 and 25 of HQ and read the first 2 ch of vol 26.

Some vocab of note:

マイブーム [noun] current obsession; current kick; personal obsession
図太い (ずぶとい) [い-adj.] bold; shameless; cheeky; brash; impudent
奇を衒う (きをてらう) [expression, ア五] to make a display of one’s originality/eccentricity; to deliberately act oddly (e.g. to get attention)
ご機嫌斜め (ごきげんななめ) [expression] in a bad temper; cranky; crabby


:spiral_calendar: Day 76: September 14th :watermelon: :crab:

spacer:plunger: スーパーマリオくん Volume 1 (94% ➨ 100%)

spacer:girl: からかい上手の(元)高木さん Volume 7 (0% ➨ 10%)