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Back on the horse again. I really needed these couple of weeks to rest and take care of some important events. It wasn’t actually a total break, I still did some bits here and there but no “proper” study. Though I still feel a bit without energy, I think I feel prepared to resume Japanese again. I have a lot of ルーパーズ to catch up :stuck_out_tongue: .

I think I mentioned it in my last post, but I don’t feel at all like tracking time or any sort of progress that could potentially put pressure on my study right now. I’m still mining vocabulary, but I stopped checking how fast or slow I read, how much I do or anything else. I don’t think those things are particularly useful to me overall. I’m in complete “enjoy yourself freely while still making it study” mode, hopefully perpetually, but at least until I’m able to recover a bit more energy and I can add listening again and so on. I also want to resume learning grammar in a more focused manner at some point soon, like I’ve seen some of you do recently.

I dislike these low energy phases a lot, especially with how much my mind tries to weigh me down, but it’s good to be back at least!


That was fun! I’m desperately slow, though (235/min on 高3 and 201 on 大学生)
I love that the recommendation is “you should read a bit, even just a little!” That’s depressing :sweat_smile: (since it means I’ll never get better… which I already knew I guess)


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岸辺露伴(きしべろはん)(うご)かない 1

123 - 170

Still tired as crap, but doing a bit better this morning. Not yesterday though. Yesterday was all sorts of blurgh.

I read the whole Millionaire’s Village episode though. I really enjoyed it. I happened to pick out a lot of recently learned/seen words in it and remembered their meanings, so that was really satisfying! It was also fun to see Izumi beat Rohan at his own game of intrigue by getting him interested in a mysterious topic, since usually his shtick to say something odd and improbable. They’re really similar characters I think. Whereas Rohan is cold and detached from others though, Izumi is warmer.

Rohan oi count for this episode: 21. Excessive. Someone gag him.

Maybe I’ll get my wish next story? There’s tentacles in the next episode. With that knowledge and the cover looking… cat coded… I’m not sure how closely I should be looking at some things :face_with_monocle:


Read about 15 pages of Spy Room this morning. I had a really clear image of the first part of the book, and the pages I read, but everything inbetween was just a giant blur. I am not sure if rereading it would make it any clearer though. It just seemed like they jumped from place to place. Now I at least know they are on a sinking ship and MC dun goofed. The tone of the story is strange because everything around it seems so serious but any time a character opens their mouth it becomes a sitcom. I don’t not like it but I am reading it with the tone its serious so its weird to have a character go “her-der I dun did bad thing chief” and mess up the drill. I like comedy though, so I just need to change my perception of it. The humor hit pretty well in the pages I read this morning so I am not giving up yet, but I really wish I could understand what was happening more in those middle pages (25~ to 56). I think once I finish this book I need to go back to 青ブタ.


Remember when I told you guys to tell me no
Well :joy:
Look who came traveling to my house today~

It’s smol shark :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: So cute, so soft, the perfect hugging size. 10/10 best shark buddy :heart:
He brought some books with him, too, because why not :joy:


Yay!! He looks cute :3


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I’m very sleepy so I’m counting the conversation and such I read for class today :joy: it’s all progress!


Sounds exactly like hikikomari. Great series

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Everyone seems to say the first chapter is the hardest to get through because the tone is kind of difficult to understand. They continue to say once you get past that it is hard to put down, so I am crossing my fingers. It hasn’t been hard to read as much as it is maybe my ability to understand or build the world around the words.

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Yeah I’ve got a buddy who read the whole series. Never actually asked him what he thought about it though now that I think about it, so I’ll do that now. Probably likes it if he read it lol


Always the chance that he finished it just to finish it despite not caring for it… I’ve definitely spite-finished a series before (in English, though; Japanese reading still takes me too long for me to even consider that. :joy:)


I spite-read 鬼滅の刃. So I get it.


He said it kinda dropped off, so close enough I guess



I continued with おうちでごはん today and read through menu 11. It’s really cute/sweet/feel-good.

It appears to be よねだ.

Anyway, I’d thought Kamo would end up cooking for all the singles in the building, but then we meet Endou, Yoneda’s next-door neighbor, who can bake (though only sweets). So, he’ll still cook meals for him sometimes, but he’s not the only cook anymore! Though, I don’t think he’d mind if he were, aside from that sweets are the one thing he can’t make, as he loves being able to share his cooking with other people and seems to always make more than enough for one person anyway.

There’s a bit of a running joke that he’s like a mom or a wife (specifically Yoneda’s lol), and he’s just like, “Eh? Really?” and doesn’t get it. In fact, the one time Yoneda jokingly calls him おかあちゃん as he’s going out, he goes, “あらあ、まあ、そう? って 誰がおかあちゃんだ.” I actually don’t hate it, it’s kinda cute. Maybe because Kamo himself doesn’t see anything odd about it, and it’s mostly Yoneda making the jokes and it’s ultimately pretty half-hearted. He’s like, “If someone’s gonna be cooking for me all the time, I’d rather it be a girlfriend, not a guy!” (Kamo: Oh me too), but he’s still happy about Kamo cooking for him and eats it anyway—and, more than that, will habitually let himself in to Kamo’s place for dinner like he lives there (and also keeps hinting at him to make him curry, which still has yet to happen).

Some pics

出た! The elusive furigana!

W…Why is this something that gets furigana, is ち being written in kanji not actually that common?

lmfao Kamo was just told that his food isn’t good at all

I love how the characters get drawn when they’re small/in the background and like depressed or whatever lol it’s cute (but also it’s mostly been Kamo so far and he’s adorable anyways so)

I’m super glad I found this series and decided to pick it up, I really like it so far.

Some vocab of note:

エンゲル係数 (エンゲルけいすう) [noun, economics term] Engel’s coefficient; proportion of one’s income spent on food
所帯じみる (しょたいじみる) [自一] to be worn out (from domestic life)
滅入る (めいる) [自ラ五] to feel depressed
語学 (ごがく) [noun] study of foreign languages. It can also mean “linguistics,” like I was thinking it was until the second time it came up, though as an abbreviation of 言語学.


Finished Chapter 1 of Spy Room. I think this book would be better as an anime (which it will be). I don’t think it’s bad. It’s just not for me.


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Hawthorn by Anthea Sharp :man_elf: % ~70 → 100

Read in English again yesterday. I continued with Hawthorn, the second book in a trilogy by Anthea Sharp, that I started a couple of months ago? And since the trilogy is all in one ebook, I’m not entirely sure how far through the book I was, but I read 5-7 chapters (I think) yesterday, so maybe 70%… It is a wild guess. Actually probably more like 80-90% through already, but saying 70% makes it seem like I read more. :stuck_out_tongue:

Not entirely sure why I took a break, probably stopped reading that about the same time I stopped reading much of anything. So probably had nothing to do with the book, and considering how glued in I got from the second I started reading it again… :woman_facepalming:

Well anyway, now I’m stoked to start the last book in the trilogy. Might have to race through the third book before I pick up Orange again. :see_no_evil:


Read chapter 1 of 無職転生. I think I’m gonna stick with it and drop spy room. It’s a lot easier to read and I don’t feel my brain rotting away as I read it xD


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spacer:eyeglasses: ななか 6⁄17 (1) Volume 1 (25% ➨ 43%)


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岸辺露伴(きしべろはん)(うご)かない 1

171 - end (232?)

jfc I forgot how the effects of Tonio’s stand makes it look like the person is being horrifically murdered. ngl, this has made me more interested in reading Part 4 than anything else in Part 4. It makes me itch to buy the rest of JoJo, but honestly at my current pace, I shouldn’t rush to do so.[1] [2]

Rohan oi count for this episode: 20. Someone shut him up

Of course, Rohan wants to commit a crime for the sake of committing a crime. I see why this one hasn’t been adapted lol

Fascinating, so they’re picking the time and place to go to the sea to be Obon. One of my Japanese friends warned me half jokingly to not go to the beach because legend has it you’ll be washed away by spirits.[3] I always wonder how much signaling or things I’m missing out on due to lack of cultural knowledge. Hmm… now I’m wondering if this storytelling style of telling rather than showing isn’t as unintentional as I had assumed and instead supposed to give a feeling of being like a ghost story.

Rohan Meets Gucci
Rohan :handshake: loving Italy :handshake: me
Rohan そーゆー count for this episode*: 4. Why.

My friend just shared this and it’s so relevant

  1. in fact this made me check what I do have of the other parts and what I have is 12-13 vols of both Part 7 and Part 8 but I only have the first 7 vols of 7 and the first 11 of Part 8 which implies that I would get farther reading 8 before 7 but so many people have said so many nice things about 7… ↩︎

  2. I just did more number crunching and I have 54% of 7 and 44% of 8. Looks like I’m sticking with 7. After Part 5 of course because I do have all of Part 5 ↩︎

  3. and in the episode the info about how to get these shellfish is a trap from history, or essentially Rohan’s ancestors. It seems like several of Rohan’s ancestors want to kill him, given the Louvre episode as well lol ↩︎


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吾輩は狸である progress: 24.58% :brain:

Wagahai-cat conjures up all his courageous spirit and wanders outside of the house to infiltrate the enemy and gather information. Like a ninja he crawls unheard, softly like a cloud, not like those clumsy humans.

He also comes to the conclusion that he is in fact very intelligent, the only thing holding him back is his lack of human-word producing vocal cords. In fact he is probably in the direct bloodline of Nekomata, with such a magnificent tail, if only he could get a closer look at his tail, but it is always out of reach, always one step ahead, if only he could capture it… 少々眼がくらむ

:chestnut: Japanese found within the acorns :chestnut:


艶美「えんび」ー Sensual beauty; seductive beauty
無頼漢「ぶらいかん」ー Ruffian
日雇い「ひやとい」ー Day labourer; hiring by the day
白雨「はくう」ー Rain shower
威嚇「いかく」ー Threat; intimidation; menace
「けい」ー Sound stone; qing (Chinese chime)
神祇「じんぎ」ー Gods of heaven and earth



New shark friend! :shark:
Those books he brought also look very cute