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September 7 :blossom: Home Post

I ended taking a nap for most of my free time today sooo :joy: I fit in a bit of 跡を消す though, business as usual apparently haha.


:us: :police_car: September 7-8 :police_car: :us:
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Desperation in Death :police_car: page 0 → End (all pages)

Because this is our off month, I’ll be reporting on my English reading also. In fact, my plan this month is to shove reading time back onto the scene (no matter the language), and one thing that will help is that I finished watching a tournament from earlier this year in Ocarina of Time Randomizer Random settings. It was quite enjoyable but considering matches was somewhere between 3-5 hours each, and I hadn’t caught it this spring. I’ve spent a lot of time the last few weeks watching the restreams of many tourney matches (but far from all were restreamed aka having commenters and such). Basically I think my reading time went to that tourney.

This is the closest I get to watching a sport. Like spending a lot of time during certain periods of the year watching something so much it crowds out other hobbies. But with it finished, I’ll have time for reading, but beyond catching up to my book clubs I do have a couple of other things I need and want to read. Isn’t life hard when you have to read? :joy:


I’m gonna finish 青ブタ8 tonight! I read too much and have come to far. I have 20 pages left and nothing else to do.



Finished. And God dammit I now wanna read the next book because the cliffhanger was a great one. NO I must read something else.


:tiger2: :books: The Tanuki Falling Leaf Party: Date 20220908 :fallen_leaf: :raccoon:

吾輩は狸である progress: 20.06% :running_man:

I like how it describes his friend come rushing into the house like an excitable child - and to do what else?
To have more conversation!

:chestnut: Japanese found within the acorns :chestnut:


風来坊「ふうらいぼう」ー Wanderer; vagabond
不埒「ふらち」ー Lawless; outrageous; insolent
独逸「どいつ」ー Germany
印籠「いんろう」ー Seal case; pill box; medicine case; inro
茫然「ぼうぜん」ー Dumbfounded (also: 呆然)

兇漢 = 凶漢「きょうかん」(Villain; outlaw)


September 8 :heavy_check_mark: :ocean:

Tugumi, chapters 9 and 10
Grammar :いう

Two chapters of Tugumi today. Uncharacteristically for this book, both these chapters were page turners - I just had to see where they were going. I won’t comment further than that for now. :zipper_mouth_face:

A mildly interesting bit of useless trivia: Coincidentally, out of my still quite limited list of Japanese books I’ve read, two appear as chapter titles in Tugumi: 告白 and 穴. :eyes:

For grammar, I read all about いう. It was unexciting.


I know you’re doing your own thing but I’ve also recently been trying to do formal grammar study again. I was doing something similar to you but I ended up getting bored and dropping it. Now I’m doing something a bit different:

  1. Take a small practice JLPT grammar test
  2. See which answers I got wrong
  3. Look up the grammar points of both the right and the wrong answer and make sure the “why” of the correct answer being right and mine being wrong make sense
  4. Make flashcards if I feel like it

It’s been going a lot better cause I’m not reviewing stuff that feels like second nature to me and am instead highlighting only my weak spots. I also don’t make myself do all the lookups in one session if I happen to do particularly badly on that test :sweat_smile:


That’s something to keep in mind if it gets too tedious, sure. Although I really don’t want to test myself - it will feel like …studying! :scream:

I make myself read everything because there are often hidden surprises in stuff I think I know. It’s easy to dismiss something as too basic, then realize that I had been missing some crucial nuance the whole time. And, thankfully, the example sentences are mostly quite complex and interesting in themselves.
(I used to dread coming across という and its variations not very long ago. Other than its role as a direct quotation, I just couldn’t quite grasp what exactly it stood for. It’s actually a very good feeling to see that it just intuitively makes sense now, to the point of being unexciting. Progress!)


Home post :bookmark: September 1-8 :books:

// Just a short(?) summary. Didn’t intend to post during the “off-month” but here we are. I’ve been reading every day in September so far.

Sep 1: Loopers part 6
Sep 2: Loopers part 7+8
Sep 3: Spice & Wolf 0 → 5%
Sep 4: Spice & Wolf 5 → 9%
Sep 5: Spice & Wolf 9 → 11%
Sep 6: Spice & Wolf 11 → 12%
Sep 7: Spice & Wolf 12 → 15%
Sep 8: Spice & Wolf 15 → 16%

This week has been so intense with uni stuff I was about to write I didn’t read anything today (and don’t intend to either, I’m exhausted! :melting_face:), but I just remembered I did in fact do a tiny read this morning before getting up. Thanks, EarlyGlare, for getting stuff done for me. Sincerely, ExhaustedGlare.

In other random news, I miss reading Honzuki already :caught_durtling:

Thanks for good tips! I’ve had the learning order set to “across all your decks”, but it makes sense to have it on entire corpus initially to get more words out of the way. I tried making the 3000 word deck - I think I’ve been too shy of clicking the “I’ll never forget” button.


Mainly reading Satori Reader series
I am on 奥日光、第四十九話

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Welcome! :tada: I haven’t read Satori Reader myself, I kinda went a bit heavy on the graded readers and then dived into native content, but I’ve heard good things. :smiley:


September 8th.

Today was a very long day, so it was nice to settle down this evening and read something pleasant. I read Chapter 2 of Flying Witch - I found it a bit tougher than I found chapter 1, but I think thats just because my poor brain is absolutely fried from work today :sweat_smile:

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Started スパイ教室 today. I am enjoying what I have read so far but there is a lot of unknown kanji. Luckily they give you just enough furigana to learn the readings, but then drop it right away. So I am probably gonna be busier with Anki on this one. Overall I am still comprehending what is happening which is the biggest sigh of relief for me. If I can accept ambiguity and still know whats going on I think thats a sweet spot.


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岸辺露伴(きしべろはん)(うご)かない 1

I didn’t read. I had serious trouble concentrating yesterday. Hopefully today goes better. We’ll see


This is the J.D. Robb book, right? I used to read this series and was even collecting it diligently until a couple years ago. I got bored after the 50th book or so. I find the novels have become too formulaic without much character-driven progression.


September 8 :blossom: Home Post

Still been pretty busy, but I got a few pages of 跡を消す in! It’s an interesting read, very morbid but something about it keeps me invested, I can’t quite explain it :joy: but hey whatever works!


I have been reading 青ブタ for so long I forgot how much mining you have to do in the first book of series. GRANTED I can get by a much longer duration without having to mine, but this being a couple levels above 青ブタ I still gotta put in the work. Its no 86, but its close. By the end of this volume I am pretty confident I will be much more comfortable reading more fantastical stuff. Goblin Slayer is gonna get read at some point, but I may go to Eromanga Sensei to get the slice of life relaxation time I need xD



In order, I finished HQ vol 20, finally read the last two chapters of クールドジ男子 vol 4 (and was yet again sorely tempted to pick up the novel. Did not), read 極主夫道 vol 2, and then read 2 chapters of HQ vol 21. I’m firmly entrenched in HQ right now so I don’t think I’ll be catching up to the 極主夫道 book club in one go, but I do have the feeling I’ll be reading each volume in one go.

Ahhhhh I keep thinking しつこい means “annoying,” but it seems to only be used when someone’s persistence is annoying, so while that’s not exactly what it means, it’s related. Hm but I know the situations it’s used in and how it differs from うるさい, so I wonder if it really matters that I don’t really remember the English definition. (Though I have a feeling I’ll be remembering that it means “persistent; obstinate” more easily after this.)

Also I have seen the -て + たまる construction so much thanks to HQ that I’m pretty sure I’ve got it down. The first time I came across it, I looked up たまる and went, “…Okay.” Then I saw it a few more times (mostly as 負けてたまるか!!) and got a feel for it, and thought that, well, I definitely know what it means with 負ける, but I dunno about any other verbs. I have since seen it with at least a couple other verbs, and, yeah, I’m pretty sure I’ve got it.

Okay why does Mima look like a dad here (and why is he still so pretty)

Some vocab of note:

圧し折る (へしおる) [他ラ五] to smash; to break
婿養子 (むこようし) [noun] son-in-law adopted into the family
ムラ [noun, な-adj.] unevenness (of quality, results, behavior, etc.); inconsistency; instability
桁 (けた) [noun] digit; decade; order of magnitude. I think that’s only the “decade” as in logarithmic scale decades, where it means “factor of ten,” not year decades.
朝寝坊 (あさねぼう) [noun] late riser; person who is bad at getting up in the morning
ガチ勢 (ガチぜい) [slang, noun] hardcore crowd; people who take their hobby or interest very seriously
ショートスリーパー [noun] short sleeper; person who doesn’t need much sleep
ミシン [noun] sewing machine


Yes, it is. Sad to hear you don’t like them anymore. I still always get them on release day and enjoy them a lot. The only reason I read it over two days was because it was 3 am and I was getting real tired (and still had like 1-1,5 hours of reading left), plus, you know, work the next day. Finished it as soon as I could the next day.


Anyone here read this? I started reading it today at work because I had some downtime and didn’t feel like practicing writing, and I can already tell its gonna be great.

I kinda thought it was gonna be a typical ridiculous LN…and it is…but its actually so unique. I’m only about halfway done with it, but so far its unlike anything I’ve read I feel like: These two went back in time to highschool (same class) after filing their divorce papers and having their marriage completely soured. The lower stress environment (dude was in a black kigyou) and overall situation kinda gave rise to situations where they could reflect on all the memories they had together, where their marriage went wrong, and the important things they lost sight of. Its like the first ln where there are ridiculous coincidences but I find myself cheering those coincidences on since its like fixing their relationship (that already ended, i guess).

Very interested to see how it ends. I probably won’t read tonight, but I might have to break my no-reading-at-home rule tomorrow so I can see how it ends lol. Frick its just so wholesome.