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125 - 150

I started reading too late in the day. The nice thing though was



I really hope I finish this volume today, I meant to finish it yesterday



Since it’s just the bottom trim that still needs more paint, I started moving books back onto my shelf (although so far it’s 99% ones that have never been on it in the first place lol), so here are several of my JP novels, including my new ones from yesterday, just sitting there looking pretty:

I can’t wait to get more. (Seriously, I’m like this close to buying all of Asano Atsuko’s baseball novels, and there are like 15 of them, as well as あと少し、もう少し, which is a novel about running.)

This also means I’ll be having more books to take to HPB soon. Those ENG manga I’d decided to keep until I get them in JP? Yeah, I’m selling them. And I have several others I’ll have to make a decision about whether I’ll be collecting them only in ENG, only in JP, or both. It’ll still be a bit though, since of course they’re in the bottom box (of four).

Today I read the preview of あやかし怪盗, and I also finished HQ vol 16 and read 5 chapters of vol 17 to finish the match. Wanted to finish this vol too, but I’m too tired. (Also, then I’d be in the middle of the Shiratorizawa match. At least here, it’s not difficult to put down, relatively speaking.)

Yamaguchi must talk about Tsukishima when he trains with Makoto, because Makoto just called him Tsukki in ch 140. lol, oh, Tsukishima would hate that if he ever found out.

asdfghjkl Oikawa’s like, “Sawayaka-kun isn’t refreshing at all! Who the hell gave him that name! It was me!” Anyway I love getting to see Suga stand on the court

Take-chan’s reaction to Ukai-kun genuinely thanking him, and then his “You can praise me to your heart’s content once we win tomorrow” aaaaa

Some vocab of note:

夜な夜な (よなよな) [adverb] every evening; night after night
眷族 (けんぞく) [noun] follower; retainer; underling
拮抗 (きっこう) [noun, する verb (自)] rivalry (between two equally strong sides); struggle for supremacy; competing (with); vying (with); contending (with); being an equal match (for)
反抗期 (はんこうき) [noun] rebellious phase
大概にする (たいがいにする) [expression, する verb] to stay within bounds; to not take (something) to extremes; to not get carried away; to not go too far
宣戦布告 (せんせんふこく) [noun, する verb] declaration of war
取るに足らない (とるにたらない) [expression, い-adj.] insignificant; inconsequential; trifling; negligible; of little importance
爆睡 (ばくすい) [colloquialism, noun, の adj., する verb (自)] sleeping like a log; (being) fast asleep (bombed, crashed)
存分に (ぞんぶんに) [adverb] to one’s heart’s content; as much as one likes; freely; unreservedly; fully
タメ [colloquialism, noun] the same (age, social status); peer


September 4 :blossom: Home Post

I continue to barely hang on to consistency :joy: just barely managed a little 跡を消す at the last minute before bed, now I’m off haha.


Where the Fall Challenge at? I’m ready like Mom’s spaghetti!

CORRECTION I thought we were in Fall. T-T

I haven’t been posting because I thought this was finished!


I am gonna finish Chapter 2 of 青ブタ8 today. I still read over the weekend but was out of town so I couldn’t maintain my usual pace. Tomorrow I have a lot of time to make up for it so my hope is I can get at least half way through chapter 3 tomorrow. The whole book is only 4 chapters, so I suspect I will finish this week or by the beginning of next week. I am gonna move on to Eromanga Sensei (4) and take a break from 青ブタ for a book or two. I also have Goblin Slayer (1), but that’s for when the slice of life stuff gets stale.


Well technically it is finished (it ran through July and August) but this month is a gap month before the next challenge comes around in Oct+Nov. If you like you can still post in the gap month, or you could just take a break and catch some breath if that’s what you think would be best for you.




:spiral_calendar: Day 66: September 4th :sailboat: :dolphin:

spacer:card_index: 藤代さん系。 Volume 2 (75% ➨ 89%)

spacer:sparkles: キラキラ100% Volume 3 (62% ➨ 66%)

spacer:plunger: スーパーマリオくん Volume 1 (47% ➨ 52%)


:tiger2: :books: The Tanuki Falling Leaf Party: Date 20220905 :fallen_leaf: :raccoon:

吾輩は狸である progress: 17.13% :pen:

Wagaha–cat is back to judging his master, as master picks his nosehair and is somewhat amazed by it.

:chestnut: Japanese found within the acorns :chestnut:


上天気「じょうてんき」ー Fine weather
筆硯「ひっけん」ー Writing brush and inkstone; writing/composition; daily life of a writer
(though the furigana given here is: ふですずり)
原稿用紙「げんこうようし」ー Writing paper for Japanese (the ones with a square grid - one square = one character)
捻る「ひねる」ー To twist; to wrench; to turn; to wring
銅鑼「どら」ー Gong; tam-tam
舐め「なめ」ー Lick (also: 嘗め)
袈裟「けさ」ー Kasaya (clothing - Buddhism)
腹膜炎「ふくまくえん」ー Peritonitis


I agree (sorry if it came across like I was saying it wasn’t), the setting/period is a really interesting part of Japanese history (and world history), it was a big turning point and so much was going on (good and bad). I think it was just the conversations in chapter 2 felt like they went on a bit too long with little else going on in between - and even in English I think I’d find them a bit much. But it’s also like you said, this is doubled by the fact it takes me awhile to get through each sentence, so light-hearted banter quickly becomes a trial to get through. Not to mention trying to understand and unravel the subtext and other connotations.

Chapter 3 has started in the same amusing vein as what I enjoyed about chapter 1 - there’s a back and forth between master and what he’s doing/saying and Wagahai-cat commenting on it in his pretentious fuzz-ball ways.


Mmm; I didn’t mean to say “everybody ought to find this interesting”, only “because I happen to have a personal interest in that bit of history it gives me a bit more motivation to read on, but I can see why it’s not everybody’s cup of tea”.

Also I really must restart reading it, or you’ll catch me up and overtake :slight_smile:


Well despite not technically being in the challenge I’ve kept up some degree of reading most days! Flowers feels a little easier but I still don’t read too much more of it at a time, simply because I have a lot I’m juggling so I keep cutting it off after an hour or so. I’ve managed to finish コンビニ人間 anyway! Great book. It felt like a mostly relaxed read throughout. Here I am adding a review to one of the books that needs it the absolute least on Natively, haha.

Ehh I debated but wanted to keep my Natively review clean, let's add a couple spoiler thoughts here...
  • I really like Shiraha as a character – he feels like a pretty good model of how some people can fall into that kind of thinking. He was surprisingly humanized in his own struggles but ultimately still just too noxious a presence to be around, someone kicked around by society without the understanding that he can’t blame systemic problems and internalized attitudes on individuals or the willingness to empathize and see that he’s just reflecting the same sort of thing he hates back outwards when he lashes out at, say, women in general. He’s right that the employee chant is creepy though :wink:

  • While something like “societal pressures bad, let people do what they want” might seem like the throughline and something too obvious and overdone, I think Keiko was a great perspective to explore it from because she was so surprising, with her reactions like “oh yes, that is logical!” after being absolutely berated. And the way it positions something menial and individuality-crushing like a convenience store job as a sort of liberation for a certain kind of person gives it depth in a direction I can’t recall seeing much of elsewhere.


September 5th.

Today I read Chapter 2 of Haruiro Astronaut, which is included at the end of Volume 2 of Orange.
I found it a little difficult to follow because its about twins and I kept on mixing up which twin was which :sweat_smile:
I managed to work it all out in the end, but it meant it took me much longer to read than I expected.

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151 - end (192?)

Part 3 complete! I feel a bit bummed. I’m not sure if it’s because of the last 40 pages not being quite as flashy as the previous ones, if it’s because (deserved) things happened to my favorite character, or just real life events leaking into my feelings.

I’ve decided that I’ll try reading Thus Spoke Kishibe Rohan next. I don’t know if it’ll be harder than regular JoJo volumes because it’s short stories with bizarre things happening or if the brevity will make it easier. Either way, I’ll give it a go and if it turns out to be harder, I’ll switch over to Part 5 as I had planned in the beginning of the year.


September 5 :blossom: Home Post

Managed a decent reading session today :grin: it’s becoming clear that my reading habits this semester are very different than they were over the summer, but that’s okay! 跡を消す has been a nice low-pressure read to sneak in. I’m a little sad about falling behind on book clubs but yeah I just don’t think that’s happening right now :joy: I’ll circle back around eventually!


I did manage to continue reading until the end of August, but nit post it here -
And since then work’s got too busy.
I need to find some time to finish off ハピネス vol2 (i’m currently at p170, so not too far to go), but feeling very tired - an afternoon nap might be in order….

I’ve enjoyed this challenge, even with joining late, and it certainly motivated me to do a lot more reading, and have fun with it - thank you all. :pray:


Finished chapter 2 today of 青ブタ8. I didn’t have the energy to do anymore today though. I’ve been going pretty hard the last few days so finishing the remaining pages today was enough.


:spiral_calendar: Day 67: September 5th :whale2: :desert_island:

Me the other day: “No new manga until I clear out some I haven’t been reading as much.”

Me last night: “I didn’t know the ななか6/17 anime was based on a manga. And volume one is free on Kobo. And volumes two through six are 11円 each.”

Looks like I have some incentive to clear a bit of what’s on my plate.

📇 藤代さん系。 Volume 2 (89% ➨ 100%)

I was specifically planning not to continue reading this series after finishing this volume.

I often don’t know who’s speaking, and it feels like the characters are just going in circles without anything really happening. Even the introduction of a third main character didn’t help with that much.

And I always struggle to read when a mangaka draws ears like this:


But then on the second-to-last page of the volume, with a change in seats in class, it looks like things are about to get interesting. On top of that, one of the minor characters looks like he’ll be a second-tier character. With these, I may just have to pick up the third volume now…

Of course, if I read the third volume, then I may as well pick up the fourth, as it’s a four-volume series.

spacer:plunger: スーパーマリオくん Volume 1 (52% ➨ 60%)


i kind of crashed at the end of the month and didn’t read anything for a couple of days. but then in the last three days i did a huge push, and finally finished やがて君になる 佐伯沙弥香について. just yesterday i read almost 50 pages, by far the most i’ve read in a single day.

and it was good! by far the best part of the LN series.

i’ll continue reading, of course, but i think this is my adieu to this challenge. see you all in a month :smiley:


September 5 and 6 :heavy_check_mark: :mag:

十角館の殺人, chapter 4
Grammar :あるいは, あるまじき…だ、あれで、あれでも、あんまり

Finished chapter 4 of 十角館の殺人 and the plot thickens. Apart from the mystery itself, which is quite complex and interesting at this point, I’m enjoying the frequent references to classic mysteries, mystery writers, and techniques of Western literature.

In grammar I finished all entries beginning with あ. Out of those, あるまじき was new for me. I was surprised あんまり had its own separate entry, when it was for the most part exactly the same as あまり.

I may still have time to read today, and in any case it’s only Tuesday and I’m caught up with both book clubs I’m participating in for the week. I’d like to read ahead in 十角館の殺人, but I won’t do so - I want to be able to take part in the speculation without fear of spoilers. I have two more books I haven’t yet finished that I could go back to, or I could continue reading ahead in Tugumi. I’ve found that I don’t particularly enjoy reading several books at once and having to interrupt reading one to continue another, it takes me out of the story too much. So I guess I’d better focus on finishing Tugumi before starting or continuing anything else. We’ll see.


Heh, I’m the opposite - I love reading multiple things at once. It’s kind of like eating a meal with lots of side dishes. I like the books to be fairly different from each other for this reason too. The variety is what makes it fun.

… It also works better when I’m in a mood and don’t want to read something. “OK so X is out, but I still have Y and Z going.”