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:spiral_calendar: Day 37: August 6th :coconut: :fish:

spacer:ribbon: ふだつきのキョーコちゃん Volume 5 (58% ➨ 78%)

spacer:bust_in_silhouette: シャドーハウス Volume 1 (31% ➨ 47%)

This is one reason I’ve barely made progress in playing Chrono Trigger in Japanese. (Also, I’ve played it many times in English, so there’s no push to “see what comes next”.)

Yet I had made it much, much further into playing the first Breath of Fire in Japanese, and that game doesn’t use kanji at all for dialogue. (Another I’ve played many times in English.)


No that’s really helpful! I actually feel like I could do with getting better at reading text with less kanji so sounds like chrono-trigger should be first on my list! thanks so much!


:cake: :books: August 6 :books: :cake:
(home post)

Night Café :cake: page 81 → 95 (14 pages)

Read one chapter of Night Café yesterday. The オムライス chapter, and now I’m planing to make that soon. :joy: Honestly, this book have some nice little tutorials for sewing and cooking, and in Japanese, so feels kinda interestingly useful in that way.

Because the book is fairly easy for me, I keep expecting I’ll read two chapters in one day (aka come back to it later), but somehow I never find the time. Maybe because I know I’ve done Japanese reading, I put less priority on it. I’d like to finish volume 1 soon, so I don’t get so behind on reading volume 2 with the offshoot club.

Also, I’ve been watching Black Lagoon on Netflix. With English subs because this is just relaxing stuff. But as I’m watching it, I’m realizing how little I understood it when I watched it a couple of times a decade ago. Even though I watched with English subtitles then too. But I couldn’t really follow the details, so what actually happened with Rock and so on, didn’t make sense to me. Maybe I was just a bit too innocent, and didn’t know how things worked. I was only a late teen at that point.


Well done! :smiley:

I forgot back when you guys were discussing how this was read that I meant to share how I read it, which I realized was so wrong when I looked closer at the katakana, but anyhow, this is what I thought the game was called: Bad Mission Bond. :joy: (Like a bad James Bond or something. :joy: )

So cute. :pleading_face:

I just thought I’d mention the book club (although I think you know it exists!), we’re there if you want to discuss things in detail. I’m assuming you’ve been too busy, but come join us if you have time/interest. :smiley:

:scream: :scream: :scream:
I’m glad no one got hurt. Must have been scary to watch.


I keep misreading it as “Badminton Bond” when I skim these threads :slight_smile:


Day 37 :heavy_check_mark: Tiny Read :books:

I started reading the second chapter of Tsugumi, but gave up after a couple of pages. Switched to 十角館の殺人 thinking I just wasn’t in the mood for that specific book, but again gave up very soon. In the end I realized it was me, not the books. I started feeling rather unwell soon after. Hope it wont last long, but I doubt I’ll have the energy to read at all today. :worried:


Oh noes! :cold_sweat: Get well again soon please! :face_with_thermometer:

Home Post

This week, I took a very short break from Flesh&Blood to read the first chapter of 博多豚骨ラーメンズ (because I needed to decide whether I want to buy more of it while it’s on sale) and it is soooo good :grin: Some things are exactly as in the anime, some are a bit different, and we get much more background information on the characters early on, which makes everything much deeper and more logical for me. So - as you can probably imagine - I bought a few more volumes :sweat_smile:

I went to a super cool and super chill music festival from Thursday to Sunday, where I planned to chill and read a lot while listening to music or hanging out at the lake they have on-site, and they announced that they’d offer solar-powered charging stations for everybody, so I didn’t worry about bringing lots of backup energy for my cellphone (with which I read digital books) nor about bringing paperback books. Of course the charging stations were lost in transition on some highway or whatever, so they never materialized at the festival site. Which I only discovered when I actually needed them :woman_shrugging: Before I reached that point, I managed to read some Tonkotsu Ramens on Thursday (on the train), and I read a lot on Friday - at first I finished off Tonkotsu Ramens (edit: chapter 1 :sweat_smile:), then switched back to Flesh&Blood. But as there were lots of people with lots of mobile devices on this site in the middle of nowhere, I would regularly lose my Internet connection, which Bookwalker doesn’t like. To mitigate this, I switched to reading Kafka which @Myria thankfully converts into PDF and shares with me (I usually prefer to read the book on paper but it was convenient this time). And then, my batteries reached a serious level of emptiness :cold_sweat: so I could not read on Saturday at all. Which means that’s my first missed day for this challenge - and I must say for a good reason, as it was a pretty interesting experience to be without cellphone and internet for about 2 days while at the same time having lots of great music and scenery around me. No regrets :grin:
Today I went back to reading Kafka as the turn of events has been absolutely exciting, and I am soooo curious how it will continue! After that I’ll go back to Flesh&Blood which also starts to hint at some interesting plot twists…


Today I finished the first volume of よつば&!

I will admit that the last few pages made me cry.

I’m glad I have another volume to start right away and 11 more volumes on the way.

Some new things:

拾われっ子 (ひろわれっこ): adopted child, orphan, foundling
またまた: there you go again
騒ぐ (さわぐ): to make a racket
おかわり: seconds, another helping
畳む (たたむ): to fold (clothes)
干す (ほす): to air, to dry
育つ (そだつ): to be raised, to be brought up
ズブズブ: drenched
平気だ (へいきだ): it’s ok!
無敵 (むてき): invincible


Oh yeah I almost forgot you were planning to move house today! How did it go?
And for @Memoria as well!

Wow, I’m impressed! Great to see how much your reading speed improved :blush:

Well, now that you’re comfortable reading Kafka along with the club, why not set up a new challenge? :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Whoa! Picture pleeez? :pray: :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


I went reasonably well! We managed to move all the big furniture as well as most of the stuff I packed to the new place and actually put it back together again so I had a place to sleep, even! :joy:

Today we got the last of my things. Now I just have to finish unpacking… And wait for my new bookshelves to arrive! :sparkles: And I need to buy like, half a new kitchen. :see_no_evil:


:star2: Home :star2:


90 - 191 (end)

This fight between Pet Shop and Iggy is so amazing. It really stands out with the lack of dialogue as it seems either Iggy and Pet Shop can’t understand each other or Pet Shop is super quiet. The action really comes across well.

It makes me wish I could get this

It’s beautiful in person. The owner of the SPW Bar showed me his, although idk if he found room to display it in his bar.

It’s so expensive and big though, I’ll just have to cope with this button I already have
and a tiny acrylic stand I can’t find online lol
also a neat little figure that can’t stand on its own

Also enjoy a small Iggy

Ah, I’m also learning a lot about falcons that I didn’t know before too, like their air sacs! I was an avid Animal Planet watcher as a kid, so I thought I already knew most of the interesting stuff.

Wow, I had forgotten how that fight ended. That’s so intense!!

… is he skipping?

Would you believe that it took me all day to post this?


:tiger2: :books: The Tanuki Beach Resort: Date 20220807 :beach_umbrella: :raccoon:

吾輩は狸である progress: 0.57% :hole:

It’s amusing how so overly dramatic this cat is.

:beach_umbrella: Japanese found in the sand :beach_umbrella:


肝心「かんじん」ー Essential; important; vital
「わら」ー Straw
竹垣「たけがき」ー Bamboo fence
頸筋「くびすじ」ー Nape of the neck (more common as: 首筋)

疋 = 匹「ひき」 (Small animal counter)
容子 = 様子「ようす」 (State of affairs; circumstances)
這入る = 入る「はいる」(to enter; to go in)
邸 = 屋敷「やしき」(residence; estate; grounds)
口惜しい = 悔しい「くやしい」(Frustrated; annoyed; disappointed)

食物「しょくもつ」(foodstuffs) is given the furigana of「くいもの」though くいもの is more common to see as 食い物 now

It also gives the furigana for 隣家「りんか」 as just となり


This looks pretty helpful! There’s some audio recordings of I am a Cat, these’ll be good for some additional listening practice. Thanks for sharing! :smile_cat:

Hope you feel better soon!!


Typo for かんじん, or is this Soseki throwing in an obscure variant?


Ahh, I’m sorry! I was so wrapped up in my own stuff, I completely forgot to ask about your move. :upside_down_face: Sounds like it went well, though, and I’m glad! I’ve realized over this past week that moving really is stressful. I hope your bookshelves arrive quickly so you can get rid of all the boxes that are probably lining the walls of your new home. :sparkles:


Home post :bookmark: Aug 7th :beach_umbrella:

There were a few votes in the poll and Honzuki 10 won, so I started reading that. Thanks for helping me choose what to read! :durtle_noice: I must have forgotten how fun Honzuki can be, I had a great time reading the prologue.

・ 本好きの下剋上 10 (0% → 5%)

I’m very curious about how fast I can read this book. It is twice as long as most of the Kekkon books and I won’t have as much time for reading now that uni stuffs are starting up again. So will probably take a few weeks, is my prediction.

@NicoleIsEnough I’ve seen you share decks from jpdb across a few threads, so I decided to try it out. It’s been 9 days since I started and it’s kinda addictive, not gonna lie :joy: I probably spent more time on SRS than reading today. It’s also fun how at one point, 20% of Kekkon vocab = 80% coverage across the series. After that there are just a ton of unique or low-frequency words. I mean, look, it’s currently
at only 33% vocab and not even 90% coverage! o: Stats are fun.


:sunny: :beach_umbrella: Memoria’s Summer Readin’ :beach: :sunny:

August 7th:

8 pages of 好きっていいなよ. Still fun! and interesting. Can’t wait to have more time to read again!


It was a typo, completely missed that! I’ll go fix it. Thanks for pointing it out!

Went back just to make sure it wasn’t some Soseki-brand obscure variant, and yeh:

Definitely かんじん


I do wonder with the furigana whether they’re all put in by the publisher, or if Soseki himself had any input. The aozora texts don’t seem to have any. I suspect the new-kanji-and-kana-usage editions may have had extra furigana from the publisher, certainly.


Oh no, don’t worry about it - I sort of hid that info in a little word, after all. ^^ The bookshelves should be delivered within the week, actually! I’m looking forward to the sorting process, haha.

Moving really is quite stressful, from the packing to the actual moving to the unpacking… :joy:

Have you finished unpacking already? I have to admit it’s not just the books that are left in boxes here… :eyes:


I just found something in Google Books which says that when Soseki’s それから was first serialized in the Asahi Newspaper, the word 長椅子 was printed in the Tokyo edition with the furigana ソーファ but in the Osaka edition with furigana ながいす !


Some of the furigana here seems to be on pretty common words, I found the same with No Longer Human. I’d question that some seemingly common words would have furigana and then odd kanji I’d never seen before wouldn’t have any.

It’d be great to see the original manuscript, see if the author did have any input on what gets furigana’d (and to what extent). Though if the Tokyo/Osaka editions varied I guess most of it’s at the discretion of the publisher for whatever audience they’re marketing for.