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Our house is 120 years old and was not very well maintained, so there’s always something; it’s so stressful. A few years ago the house attached to ours was demolished and rebuilt over an entire summer and fall while I was supposed to be writing my masters thesis. That was quite a time! But if it wasn’t these problems it would be different problems: renting isn’t a picnic either, and I own a house in the middle of a major city (no need for a car) AND right next to miles and miles of park land, so as much as I hate hate hate repairs and renovations (and paying for them!) it all balances out.


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August 3rd:

8 pages of 好きっていいなよ. Another manga with a girl who kicks people’s ass when they mistreat her :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

It’s 11 pm and I really need to sleep. I’m so tired I could cry. I was able to get all my belongings into boxes today. Tomorrow we’re transporting heavy items and building furniture. I probably won’t get any rest until Sunday :melting_face: :melting_face:


My house isn’t that old, thankfully. It is about 90 years old (okay, so mine isn’t that much younger, :joy: Honestly hadn’t realized it was coming up on 90 years soon). It was renovated in the 1980 though, so the standards are all right. But I basically bought it at a time when renovations for that stuff started to become relevant.

I love where mine is too. It is about 20 mins out from the nearest big town (we don’t have cities in the part of Sweden I live, not enough people :joy:) and it is all highway. And I live at the very edge of the settled area I live in (that has a grocery store, a school, small library, etc. so a lot of amenities for the size); if the big town nearby was a city, this would be a suburb or bedroom community. So I can take a 20 mins walk to the grocery store (I still need to buy a bicycle), and I have all the necessities in that area. And I also don’t have traffic noise, I have few neighbors (and they’re lovely).

All the quiet and rural feel of the country side (almost all of it anyway), and still within walking distance for all daily things I need.


August 3rd!

Today I read chapter 96 of Yotsuba, in which we meet Yotsuba’s aunt Koharuko, which was a fun surprise :slight_smile:
Only one more chapter of Volume 14 left!

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・ わたしの幸せな結婚 6 (49% → 53%)

Didn’t dedicate much time for reading today. Month of August is going to be busier times for me. Travelling back to uni place tomorrow, nyoom :train2:.


That’s a scary amount of books xD


Nafu receiving box:



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Week 6

Chrono Trigger

Reached a point where there are many rooms with many NPCs to talk with to know more about what’s happening right now in the context of the game until this point and it’s a bit exhausting but also exciting. I’m so curious about how everything will end but so far I love this game, honestly. I’m about 19 hours in at this point.


I finished 本好き volume one and knocked out a short children’s story from Aozora, 赤とんぼ | L24

I’m trying to clear up my backlog of nearly finished books before the Mystery Book Club starts, and I think I can manage at least two of my unfinished books in that time, and made a decent dent in another one. Then I will doubtless pick up another book to read alongside it, because that’s what I do :upside_down_face: I asked for thoughts quite some time ago on two I was debating and got one vote for each :joy: I’m weighing them against each other still, with 火車 being a paperback book which I have the audiobook for and この本を盗む者は mainly intriguing me because it has a 46?? rating on Natively and what I’ve read thus far just for a browse does not seem that difficult and I want to know :joy:

Yay! I liked your Natively review, very much on point. It’s…not a good book. But is is a fun book :sweat_smile: I actually have a copy of the film that I’ve been meaning to watch at some point. We’ll see when I ever get to it.


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80 - 135

Reading the rest of the Orsis chapters was really a treat. They were quite enjoyable, even if the vocab was a bit harder. I had some trouble getting my dictionary to parse the words sometimes.

I also started the next set of chapters, with Boingo and Hol Horse. I still can’t get over that Hol Horse kidnaps a child, shoves him in a suitcase, shoots a guy with an invisible gun, and then asks the kid to team up with him. I’ll have to recheck the chapter, but I’m pretty sure those travel means are referenced in Crazy Diamond’s Demonic Heartbreak.



I’d thought I’d have that fic done by today, but it turns out I have less of an idea of what I’m doing than I thought. Oh well. It is at 3300 words now, though. Anyway.

I read ch 4 of キミに言えないことがある. Y’know, it’s a good thing I like angst. (Only if it has a happy ending though, which this does.) Even though Kasumi accepted him and they got together, he thinks that Kyousuke saying he likes him must have only been out of pity, and he soon tells him that they should stop seeing each other (like, not just romantically, but period. もう会わないようにしよう).

Some vocab of note:

敏感 (びんかん) [noun, な-adj.] sensitive
レアチーズケーキ [noun] no-bake cheesecake; gelatin cheesecake
短冊 (たんざく) [noun] long, narrow strip of paper on which Japanese poems are written
憚る (はばかる) [ラ五] to hesitate; to have scruples; to be afraid of what others may think


:spiral_calendar: Day 34: August 3rd :deciduous_tree: :volleyball:

🎀 ふだつきのキョーコちゃん Volume 5 (21% ➨ 41%)

I feel things got much more interesting in this series after Hikari was added as a character.

Even better, with volume five things are finally almost starting to be ready to prepare to move in the direction of Kenji and Hibino just about being able to slightly get sort of a little bit closer.

Just need to watch out for the いもうと with the brother complex.


At this point, it’s going to be difficult to limit myself to one chapter per day.

spacer:mag: 名探偵コナン Volume 11 (11% ➨ 16%)

👧 からかい上手の(元)高木さん Volume 5 (39% ➨ 46%)

With the new Detective Conan case I started reading today being extremely heavy on dialogue right from page one and not letting up, it’s nice to have an extra-easy read to follow after it.


August 3 :blossom: Home Post

I didn’t do a lot today to be honest, just played a bit more バディミッションBOND! I’m very curious to see where things are going to go from here :eyes:

I love the concept of magic repellant being in line with like bug spray :joy:

Yikes that’s rough, I’m glad it worked out okay!

Ahhh that’s all super exciting, those moments of realizing how far you’ve come are so powerful! Congrats :tada:


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August 4th:

18 pages of 好きっていいなよ. I woke up at 6 am for some reason, so I figured I’d get my reading done before all the heavy lifting. I’m… surprisingly into this manga? I remember reading it when I was a teenager, but it’s been many years and I don’t really trust my past self’s taste in fiction anymore. I’m glad I picked it up, though! This will be a nice little something to read when I don’t have time to progress in Zero Escape.

Have a nice Thursday, reader gang!! I will be moving most of my stuff into the new apartment today :confetti_ball:


:books: :video_game: :thong_sandal: :sunny: August 3

Back to our regularly scheduled busy days. I managed to read a little ビブリア (12% → 13%). I had to stop at the precise moment the two (presumably) main characters meet, which was a bummer because I really want to see how that goes. Then played バリバリ for 15 minutes before bed to keep with tradition.

My vacation starts this weekend and I caaaan’t wait to rest and have lots of time for reading in Japanese. And maybe other non JP-related hobbies, we’ll see P:


Didn’t get to reading Yoru Cafe last night because I had a headache from the heat. However I did install the jump+ app on my phone and started reading hokkaido gals again in Japanese.


I’ve been reading over a couple of pages of Tugumi daily - now back to where I skim-read up to. Which means if I want to keep up with the club I need to read 8 pages tomorrow :flushed:

I’m also pretty much up to date with the ABBB Prefectures book.

Next week will be challenging - keeping up with Tugumi, starting book 2 of 夜カフェ and possibly another book club also (I’m considering the Natively book club). I’m at least several chapters ahead with シャドーハウス and the prefectures book is nearly finished.


Today: p. 165-179 of よつば&! I’ve been looking forward to rereading the cicada episode!

Some new things:

南無 (なむ): amen, hail (in Buddhism)
競走 (きょうそう): race
ずるい: sneaky, dishonest
風鈴 (ふうりん): wind chime
みんみん: sound of cicadas
網 (あみ): net
籠 (かご): basket
なんとかしろ!: Do something about it!


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Tanuki Scroll of ウパー :open_mouth:

I read all about the new Wooper form in the upcoming Pokemon games because… Wooper.
I read about the other Pokemon on the page too

:beach_umbrella: Japanese found in the sand :beach_umbrella:


粘膜「ねんまく」ー Mucus membrane
「えら」ー Gills (mostly written in kana)

ウパー ウパー ウパー ウパー ウパー ウパー ウパー ウパー
ウパー ウパー ウパー ウパー ウパー ウパー ウパー ウパー


吐息「といき」ー Long breath; sigh
分厚い「ぶあつい」ー Bulky; massive; thick
皮下脂肪「ひかしぼう」ー Subcutaneous fat (the jiggly fat visible under the skin)
物理攻撃「ぶつりこうげき」ー Physical attack (in video games, as opposed to special attack)
絶大「ぜつだい」ー Tremendous; immense
美食家「びしょくか」ー Gourmet


Finished コンビニ人間 in a day. That was a great story with a solid message. I liked it a lot.


Quick update to say I think I am going to take the quick Azumanga Daioh return to manga side path. I got this as a Christmas present at the end of the last year because I loved Yotsubato so much. At that time I could more or less handle the writing, but with no furigana, around 20 pages in I decided I was putting too much effort into looking up a few new kanji on most pages and wanted to put it aside til I knew some more. Coming back now, I don’t think there has been a single one I didn’t know, so… pretty great progress across these months, haha. Seems like a nice casual read for me right now :slightly_smiling_face:


August 4th!

I finished chapter 97 of Yotsuba, and completed Volume 14! Only one to go now!
On that note, I’d love to hear what you think of Azumanga Daioh @Daisoujou :slight_smile: I’ve been considering trying it soon since I’m running out of Yotsuba now.

It was a very fun chapter where Yotsuba goes to an all you can eat restaurant for the first time and is amazed that she gets to eat as much dessert as she likes :grin:

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