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・ わたしの幸せな結婚 4 (0% → 12%)

I did a tiny read.

Then I downloaded Steam on my new laptop and played a video game for four hours. Didn’t think it was actually going to work, this laptop is more powerful than I thought.


I’ve been a bit dropped out of here because I needed a bit of a break for my health, but I’ve been reading Flowers more when I can and it’s… nice? Pretty good reading experience, but I hit the first of the mysteries and I can’t even begin to make sense of this.

Spoilers mostly so I can talk to AzusaChan haha

@AzusaChan So uhh, were you able to solve this? I’m not sure what kind of changes they had to make for this to work in English but it seems it’s about flower symbolism based on the girls’ names? 花言葉, which I just now learned is a concept that exists hahaha. Maybe if I was a native Japanese speaker it would occur to me to link these names to being similar to flowers, dunno. They’re not actually the same, like 花菱 is most of 花菱草 so… I sure don’t know those words heh. Unless I missed something in the reading you’re prompted with almost nothing at all, just given book titles then asked “alright, what’s this new girl’s name?” Reminds me of Silent Hill 3’s maxed riddle difficulty where you had to have extensive knowledge of the details of Shakespeare works and other stuff, haha. But also in a foreign language. I guess I might be using a guide more, heh. :face_with_spiral_eyes:

Flowers spoilers

The flower language is a very important part of the series, especially when it comes to a certain character! I wasn’t too familiar with it either until I read the series haha.

The first mystery is about Erika and the books, right? Been a while since I played game one, I just remember the final solution had something to do with Wuthering Heights in English lol. But as far as being able to solve it, game 1 is kind of notorious for having overly complicated mysteries that no one can really solve. The other 3 games are definitely doable based on what you know but game 1 kind of overdoes it in the difficulty imo. For me, the mysteries are kind of a weak point in the series. The characters interactions were definitely my favorite part, especially after Suoh develops more. The first few chapters of game 1 is a pain for some people to read but definitely worth it for the pay off.

Flowers spoilers

Oh yeah, sorry, the first one is figuring out Erika’s name from the pile of books. Each book corresponding to one of the main characters, with Wuthering Heights linking to hers. Currently in the midst of trying to read this big explanation about flower symbolism codes and dying a little hahaha. To be fair I’m sure it’s not helping me to solve mysteries that my brain is still being taxed by the language itself. Pretty sure I remember one of those lists of starter VNs saying you could read Flowers as a first VN which seems absolutely ridiculous to me. I’ve intentionally avoided things I know are hard but this is easily the hardest thing I’ve tried to read yet.

Reading explanations on the Steam forums like “The third book was The Life of Judas. This book is related to Suoh through the Genus of the Chinese Redbud. Suoh’s name stems from the Chinese Redbud, which is Hanazuou in Japanese. The Chinese Redbud is in the same Genus as the European Redbud Tree, which has another name, which is the Judas Tree” practically sounds like a parody of moon logic puzzles to me.

All the same, just wanted your perspective on the riddles. Thought they’d be a fun little bonus but if I have to look them up for this game, that’s fine. I haven’t gotten too much Erika yet, but I’ve enjoyed what I’ve seen, for what it’s worth. Ready to see her interacting outside of the context of this puzzle that makes me feel dumb :melting_face:

Flowers spoilers

I’ve seen Flowers listed as a starter VN on a lot of lists too and it’s always confused me too. I haven’t read it in jp yet but everything I hear about it makes it seem pretty complicated. The author loves to use a lot of obscure kanji and has really long sentences. I think the game is filled with 敬語 too? It is an all-girls “prestigious” school after all haha.

The explanation for the mystery does sound pretty intense. I think that one might be the “hardest” in the whole series, so at least it should get a little better? :joy:

Erika is a pretty fun character! She seems to be a fan favorite from everyone I’ve talked to. I’ll be interested in seeing who your favorites are by the end, mine changed a ton after I finished each volume.


Today I finished two chapters in Famicom Detective Club: The Girl Who Stands Behind for Nintendo Switch. The japanese is pretty easy to understand and there is lots of Furigana which is pretty rare for video games. Next I read 3 pages in the Kanzen Master Reading N2 book and got 2 of 3 answers right even though I probably understood half of the things written in the text. But no biggie I just need to study harder. Last 1 page of Short Stories in Japanese: New Penguin Parallel Text.

Sure but it will probably take me one week to finish the game. I will need to rush it because I want to play Xenoblade Chronicles 3 once it’s released.


I have to say, something similar has been happening to me since last week when I bought and downloaded Disco Elysium. My reading time has tanked :see_no_evil:
If only there was a Japanese version, I could at least justify that time spent.


July 25th!

I read chapter 3 of Orange today. I’m really enjoying it even though its a bit tough for me to read. Its not so much that the text itself is too difficult - its challenging, but managable… but the chapters are pretty long, and I’m too stubborn to split them up into shorter reading sessions, even though I read slower and slower as I get tireder as I read :sweat_smile:

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148 - 157

Sunday- about 130 pages. Monday- less than 10 :sweat_smile:

I got distracted by English fic whoops


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Week 5

July 25
Chrono Trigger

Brain super tired, quick update.



I read a short odaoki DJ that was linked on twitter for Oda’s birthday today. It wasn’t bad. (I also drew him myself, and that took up, like, half my day. I am so out of practice…)

I also read episode 2 of 君に届け.

Some vocab of note:

陰気 (いんき) [noun, な-adj.] gloomy; dismal; miserable; melancholy. Antonym of 陽気.
地道 (じみち) [noun, な-adj.] steady; honest; sober; straightforward
ぞんざい [な-adj.] rough; careless; slovenly; slipshod; rude; impolite
赤の他人 (あかのたにん) [expression, noun] complete stranger; total stranger
丸くなる (まるくなる) [expression, ラ五] to mellow (e.g. personality)


July 25 :blossom: Home Post

My reading brain worked a little better today but not a lot :joy: I think I was mostly just tired again by the time I started reading so whatever! I got some 海辺(うみべ)のカフカ in regardless, so progress is progress :muscle:

I’m glad you’re enjoying it! :grin: I wish I could offer more textractor insight but alas, I’m largely clueless haha. That makes sense about the localization though, that was specifically a pretty language-based puzzle so I can certainly see why they’d need to change it. Glad you got it worked out :+1:


home post

Did some different reading — a live report of Versailles’ recent concert

(Back in the day I used to go to their concerts and instores all the time, and if it wasn’t for covid restrictions I’d probably be making travel arrangements to go see the Nagoya ~ Shin-Yokohama leg of Kamijo’s tour in September/October.)

I got a new grammar point out of it. Also looked up about the same number of vocab words as I might find in a chapter of the fiction books I’ve been reading.

And I’m really enjoying 鹿の王 (vol. 1)! I’ll definitely want to continue with the story after this first volume.


:spiral_calendar: Day 25: July 25th :watermelon: :beach_umbrella:

🪄 まじっく快斗 Volume 1 (36% ➨ 49%)

Things escalated quickly for this series…

This chapter involves a professor who kidnaps Kaito, and makes a robot clone of him, the clone kills the professor, and the clone keeps Kaito captive to drain knowledge/memories from.


I find it funny that I can buy into all the suspension of disbelief required for Detective Conan, but for Magic Kaito it can be a bit more difficult.

I suppose it’s not dissimilar to the Gell-Mann Amnesia effect. Kaitou Kid can swap from one face to another in seconds? No problem. Robot is able to present itself as a human, act as human, and convince others that it is human? Impossible (at least for 1988).


So long as the robot is able to act so human-like, it’s good that it has some ambitions in life (even if ruling the world is a little cliché).

And then everything manages to wrap up soon after. It’s going to take a little getting used to reading stories that fit entirely, from start to finish, within a single chapter.


:books: :video_game: :shallow_pan_of_food: :sunny: July 25

I had the day off and it shows. I played ルーパーズ :infinity: and got through around 4000 characters which I’m guessing is a bit over half the chapter? I had the stamina to read more but I was tempted away by my other VN as you can see…

I read バリバリ for a bit over 3.5 hours!! That was enough to get through 3 full sections and 4 subsections. I said a few days ago I felt I’d lost my pace with this game, but now I’m pretty sure I have it back and I can see me making good progress on it throughout this week.

Unfortunately that means I didn’t have time for either ビブリア nor 青のフラッグ. Whyy is juggling several media so hard?


Read the first chapter of 青春ブタ野郎チプデビル後輩に夢を見ない because I had the time. I thought about reading chapter 2 of Tugumi, but I am not so into it and will just read with the book club unless I am inclined to read more.


Today: p. 98-103 of やつば&!

Asagi’s use of “わ”, in such sentences as
had me confused for a bit, but then gave me the chance to learn some N1 grammar!:

Some new things:

機械 (きかい): machine
無理 (むり): unreasonable, impossible
偉い (えらい): great, admirable; awful, terrible
ちっこい: very small
用いる (もちいる): to use, to make use of
大まかに言う (おおまかにいう): to speak generally
北極 (ほっきょく): North Pole
溶ける (とける): to melt
沈む (しずむ): to sink

Also enjoyed the Tofugu podcast on Yotsuba yesterday:

And if you ever need material to help you never forget わ, Cardcaptor Sakura has you covered.



She’s very cute! And just those panels have been enough reinforcement that I won’t likely forget…


Likewise, 赤川次郎’s books alllllll the female characters end their sentences with わ. I personally find it a bit irritating :sweat_smile: I’m surprised it’s considered an N1 grammar point, it feels both very common and also something I associate with media rather than essays and such. N3 would seem more of a natural time to introduce that imo.