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Day 5:

Good morning! (And good night?). I woke up at 5:30 just raring to go. Figured I might as well get my reading out of the way early, because I am distracted. I went to see an apartment yesterday and it’s official - I’m moving!! It’s been a long time coming, and it’s the first place that’s been cool with my cats. I’m gonna be all over the place for a while.

…But I’ll keep reading. I knocked 18 pages of ピーチガール out of the way this morning. At this rate I’ll probably finish the first volume sometime next week. I am once again a fan of the mc.

spoilery image maybe

Isn’t it nice when the girl gets to be the hero? Like, actually save someone’s life? in a shoujo manga!?!?!?


:books: :video_game: :shallow_pan_of_food: :sunny: July 4

Finally finished chapter 11 of 夜カフェ. I’m hoping to finish it in the next few days as I really want to get started with ビブリア. It’s always nice to read something easier but I’m over it right now, I need something more interesting that makes me want to find out what happens next.

I also played バリバリ for an hour and completed another section. I had a lot of trouble trying to find the kanji 錆 in my phone dictionary but in the end it turned out it interprets the ‘yen’ bit as a ‘moon’ radical and I didn’t associate the two. Now I’m curious if that’s a common thing, but it had me thinking the kanji didn’t exist in my dictionary for a loong while.


It is this way in Yuru Camp 1 too. I use here as a reference. Nonetheless, default font isn’t necessary using 教科書体 either.

Rarely, I might have to look up non-Japanese variants on Wiktionary as well.


:sunflower: DAY 4 :sunflower:

I finished the last half of chapter 10, and then wprked through chapter 11 in 海辺のカフカ - Kafka on the Shore :beach_umbrella: (Advanced Book Club) !!

My goals of making it to America and catching up to this week’s assignment in the book club have both been realized!!

Heading into the city from the airport last night, there were fireworks going off from every direction in celebration of the 4th! :sparkler: :fireworks: It also kinda felt like a little “welcome back home!” and “congrats on catching up to the book club” to me–probably because I may have been a liiiiiiittle over-tired from 21 hours of consectutive travel haha

Thanks @windupbird for the luck!! Your sparkles really worked their magic!! 3 train and 2 plane connections, and they all couldn’t have gone smoother :star_struck::sparkles:

Hang in there @Greti33 !! I know right? Time is flying by :caught_durtling: It’s just my personal opinion, but I think chapters 9, 10, and 11 go by pretty quickly~ I hope they do for you too!!


loved your rant! haven’t read that story, but i’ve encountered that trope before, and it makes me furious.


:spiral_calendar: Day 4: July 4th :us::fireworks:

spacer:male_detective:t3: SPY×FAMILY Volume 1 (47% ➨ 61%)

spacer:deciduous_tree: ちいさな森のオオカミちゃん Volume 2 (62% ➨ 71%)

🔍 名探偵コナン Volume 10 (18% ➨ 54%)

I think the case I read today may have more :astonished: moments than any prior case:













spacer:rabbit2: ご注文はうさぎですか? Complete Blend Volume 1 (41% ➨ 42%)

spacer:ribbon: ふだつきのキョーコちゃん Volume 1 (37% ➨ 54%)

🦎 怪獣のトカゲ Volume 1 (0% ➨ 16%)

This is another series I wasn’t interested in, based on the short story it’s based on. Like with Tsubaki and Kyouko, this one’s first volume is currently free for a couple more weeks. That means I can give it a try without being out any cash if I don’t care for it.

In the short story, a young lady finds Tokage-chan in the woods. Tokage-chan recently hatched and has been all alone since (but for reasons not touched upon, can speak perfect Japanese). The young lady pities Tokage-chan and brings her back home, where she and her little sister live (along with their dog).



The manga series recons the whole origin, instead having the younger sister find the unhatched egg out in the woods and bring it home:

No more being born all alone. But still entering the world with all the necessary vocabulary.


The first chapter carries over the story element from the short story where Tokage-chan gets startled and loses her tail, and the chapter ends shortly thereafter.


Today: 23 more pages of よつばと! ; now on p. 88.

I’m currently on summer vacation but today had to get up early, so I am tired, and I’m distracted waiting for a contractor to show up at the house. Found it difficult to concentrate. It is reminding me how much more challenging it is to keep up with this kind of practice during the working year. I admire all of you who are fitting this into your much busier lives, what with work, study, the JLPT etc.!


:tiger2: :books: The Tanuki Beach Resort: Date 20220705 :beach_umbrella: :raccoon:

No Longer Tanuki Progress: 75.25%

Almost made it to the end of the chapter, but brain is too tired now to make it through those last two paragraphs.

:beach_umbrella: Japanese found in the sand :beach_umbrella:


百日咳「ひゃくにちぜき」ー Whooping cough
禿頭「はげあたま」ー Bald head (more common as: 禿げ頭), can also be read as「とくとう」and furthermore:
禿頭病「とくとうびょう」ー means alopecia (loss of hair)
省線「しょうせん」ー Government railway line
吊革「つりかわ」ー Strap to hold onto (for example, like they have on trains/buses) (more common as: つり革)
疥癬「かいせん」ー Scabies
真田虫「さなだむし」ー Tapeworm
ジストマ ー Distoma (parasite)
節約「せつやく」ー Economising; saving
鼻紙「はながみ」ー Tissue (this is a much easier to read word than ティッシュ)
応用問題「おうようもんだい」ー Applied question; problem (like a maths/science problem in a textbook)
低能「ていのう」ー Low intelligence; low IQ
「ただ」ー Ordinary; common; usual
指導原理「しどうげんり」ー Guiding principle
再認識「さいにんしき」ー Recognising anew; seeing something in a new light
八重歯「やえば」ー Protruding teeth (like the canine teeth sticking out more)
憎悪「ぞうお」ー Hatred; abhorrence; loathing
手当「てあて」ー Salary; pay; compensation; medical care/treatment

黴菌「ばいきん」ー Germs. 黴「かび」means mold. Always wondered what the ばい was in ばい菌.
插入 = 挿入「そうにゅう」(Insertion; incorporation)
充ちる = 満ちる「みちる」(To fill; to become full/to be filled)
迄 = まで (until; till; up to; to)
夕陽 = 夕日「ゆうひ」(Evening sun; setting sun)

Hey, I remember this! :brain: :brain: :brain:

Can’t say I can recall any of those big science kanji words though :sweat_smile:


… Remember how I said I wanted to read every day as long as something didn’t go slightly sideways? Well, it went very sideways. :joy: The first day, I read, watched grammar videos, etc etc. Then Friday night our breaker blew and we had to run around with extension cords and generators just to keep our food from going bad. After that we had a slow, inescapable (still quarantining after covid exposure) sauna session going on inside our house for the whole weekend, plus Monday since it was a holiday. (Also, our phone service died so we could only access the internet when we plugged the wifi into the generator.) Like I said, Sideways!

So, I missed the first 100+ posts, and 3 of the first 4 days. I’ll try to catch up later, but just wanted to say … hi! I’m back! Sort of. (we only got partial electric back … still no hot showers!) :sweat_smile: :joy:


What a rough weekend - hope you have full electricity back soon!


Home post :bookmark: July 5th :sunny:

・詩的私的ジャック - JACK THE POETICAL PRIVATE (44% → 49%)

Today was a big font day. But at least I got a fair amount of reading done :3 If I finish the chapter early (→ 55%), I can spend the rest of the week on SAO Progressive. I have other books I want to read too and my plan-to-read pile is only growing bigger :eyes: :sweat_drops:

And I should do something about my sleep schedule.

Yeah, all those big science words made my head spin :see_no_evil: Not to mention Wikipedia content is a beast of its own. Thank lord for yomichan, haha.


July 5th!

I read chapter 79 of Yotsuba today. It was a great chapter with lots of funny bits :slight_smile:
I’m not sure what I’m going to do once I’ve run out of Yotsuba to read, only 3 and a bit more volumes left now!

(Home Post)


I’m only on Vol 1 and I’m already worried about running out! It’s delightful.


Home post

I did it! It’s over! Summer Pockets Reflection Blue vanquished! I first began reading it January 20th so it’s been slightly less time than I thought, but still, super long. In that time I’ve read it almost every single day, with only a few gaps for travelling or a few really stressful days. I’ve learned a ton and gotten so much more comfortable with reading while doing this. This has been my major project for reading and mining new words for so long, though I’ve read a few books casually on the side. It’s also the first VN I’ve finished (Ace Attorney nebulously counts in the genre but I bailed on case 5 when I started this).

I’m glad to have the space to do something else, but I liked it a lot. The character routes didn’t always have big emotional punch and were often semi-obvious, yet the journey there had likeable personalities and the main character ended up being a really good guy (setting aside a few… jokey choices the game gives you). Big fan of how much it kept pulling the cast of characters back when they weren’t in the spotlight to help out with other endeavors, and how the romance was sweet but ultimately not entirely the focus. There was usually other stuff going on. And of course the presentation is just gorgeous, plus although I got sick of a few songs because I read so much longer than someone would be expected to, the music was good overall.

A bit of the repetition in its structure grated on me slightly, no doubt exacerbated by my reading speed. And I’m a little mixed on Shiroha, the “main heroine.” She’s nice and chill, and likeable enough for that, but pretty plain as a character. Ultimately it felt like while they wrote interesting stories around her, she was almost entirely defined by those things that happened to her. Can’t help thinking some of the game’s stronger personalities would’ve been better to spend all that time around.

But overall, loveable cast of characters, and they turned the screws hard on the tearjerking stuff in the main route. It definitely is hitting me with those complicated feelings of being away from characters you spent so long with, you know? Very solid VN. I know it’s gotten some complaints for not being anything too out of the ordinary for the Key formula, but luckily I haven’t actually read all that many Key works so I could engage with it totally on its own. And while I wouldn’t say I learned Japanese for Summer Pockets, Reflection Blue seemingly not having any plans to release in English (though someone JUST put out a fan translation very recently) was yet another impetus, so I’ve accomplished one of those day 1 long term goals. That’s nice.

Next up is, I think, Flowers. Because of @AzusaChan 's answer I was actually thinking of first playing Sweet Pool since it’s relatively short and waiting until I was ready to dedicate more time to the whole series. Turns out that VN is really hard to get though, I think I’m going to have to look more into ways to pay on sites that require Japanese cards and go from there. Flowers is something I can actually get ready by tomorrow. May or may not break it up… we’ll see what happens when I get finished with part 1 :grin:

One final spoilery look at Summer Pockets art, for those who want it


Congrats on finishing Summer Pockets! It is one of my favorite Key VNs so I’m glad to see you liked it too. As for Shiroha, I can see what you mean by her being kind of plain. I didn’t like her individual route too much but once I got to the “true end” routes where you spend a bunch of time together with her and Umi as a family is when I started to like her a bunch. Looking back on it, I guess it is hard to say if she herself was interesting or if it was just the events she was involved in that made me interested in her but I still liked her a ton by the end of it!

If you end up starting on Flowers, I’ll definitely follow your progress haha. The first game starts off a bit slow since it is a 4-part series so the first one has a lot of world building and whatnot, but everything definitely pays off by the end. I’m almost done with the VN I am reading and have been tempted to give Flowers a try in jp since I originally read the full thing in English but with the VN club coming up soon, I’ll probably hold off for now to make sure I don’t overwhelm myself. I hear the prose is really beautiful in Japanese though and the author likes to use a set of themes for each season, which is reflected through specific vocabulary so it has me curious how it compares to the English translation.

I found Sweet Pool on DMM if you’re still interested in that. I am not sure if you already looked there and had problems purchasing it that way? But I will leave the link here in case you haven’t seen it yet https://dlsoft.dmm.co.jp/detail/hobc_0555/?i3_ref=search&i3_ord=1


Yeah I think we more or less agree on Shiroha. She’s likeable and over all that time definitely grew on me. Just some others made a stronger impression as characters alone. That info about Flowers sounds really cool! I don’t have a strong enough knowledge of Japanese yet to feel like I can comment too confidently on writing styles, but I’ll keep an eye out.

Yeah, thanks a lot for checking for me, but that’s actually the site I have in mind that I’m going to need to jump through hoops for. I should probably start mentioning that going forward in the VN club, now that I know. It appears that they don’t accept my type of credit card (as of earlier this year apparently :disappointed:). That’s where I’m probably going to have to get it from eventually, but I can’t right now.


Ah, I gotcha, I forgot they recently banned a bunch of foreign credit cards. From what I read, you can still use paypal on the site to buy points and then get the game that way or buy a DMM gift card from a third party site and then redeem it. It is a bit of a hassle having to go through those extra steps though.

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Oh thanks! Yeah I dunno why checking for gift cards didn’t occur to me. Wasn’t sure this was a site that would have them for sale from third parties. Gonna bump the cost up, but I’ll consider if I want to go on and get that first. It’s a reasonably short VN and very very different from what I just read, which would be a nice little break.

I also don’t even know for sure, if I do this, if sweet pool can be texthooked :sweat:


Home post

Week 2

July 5
Final Fantasy 7 → 40 min.

@Daisoujou congratulations on finishing Summer Pockets!! That must feel so nice :clap: :clap: . On to the next adventure!