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:cherry_blossom: Day 27, 4 月 27 日 :herb:

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:princess: Tileworld Chronicles - Aryn’s Rescue, p. 21 - 24
First story done! Four more to go.

All in all, a generic fantasy adventure, fun and short.


April 27:

  • another hour of playing Lost sphear (well, reading actually because it was all just a long dialogue)

搭乗 and 操縦 are the words I’ve seen quite a few times today so maybe I’ll remember them soon )


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:mag: 名探偵コナン vol. 2 (p. 37 - p. 52)
Today I read chapter 3 of volume 2.
For now I’ll try to read (at least) one chapter of Conan per day. Let’s see whether I can keep this up


:cherry_blossom: :tulip: :blossom: April 27 :blossom: :tulip: :cherry_blossom:
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:white_flower: Grammar dictionary : 2 entries
:books: The Practice by Seth Godin : just a few pages as usual

Only got to reading late and decided I wanted to make sure to keep up with the dictionary so read the two entries I need to read to get caught up bit by bit. Also read a few more pages in the Practice by Seth Godin, good and though proving as always. I can’t remember a book that so often makes me reread one or more pages every time I come back to it, and it is worth it every time. (This is a non-fiction book btw.)

Anyway, that was it today. Also last couple of days did some things to the Ouran High School Host Club manga reading club that is starting up May 20th. Soon :tm:

April is almost over already, like where did it go?


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・薬屋のひとりごと 5 (67% → 87%)

There were two words with inserted characters. I couldn’t pick them up to search on my phone. Maybe Chinese?

image and image


Up to 30% in 推し. Will see if I have more reading time later or not.

I feel like I often hear this as something like ‘手加減しない’ which is like ‘I won’t go easy on you’.

芦荅 seems to mean aloe in Chinese so I think you’re right


Went back to check that section and yep that’s it! just wasn’t zooming out enough to get the whole phrase in context:

Arima is giving his first piano lesson to a student while his teacher is also in the room, and she puts him on the spot to give feedback. He gets kinda flustered, and teacher says「手加減すんなよ」(maybe the すんな threw me off too, she speaks kinda weird sometimes), arima steels himself and then in the background of the next panel says「テカゲン?何コレ?」before launching into a whole tirade of criticism, so I think you’re totally right


I wouldn’t exactly call すんな weird. するな⇒すんな (and in general the -る of verbs getting turned into ん) is pretty par for the course in casual spoken language. It just takes a bit of getting used to


A bit surreal to see here but yeah 奶 is the character we use for milk (I think 乳 is still used for literary contexts but I’m not sure how), so 酸 奶 is literally “sour milk” aka yogurt.


April 27th!

Today I read about 7 pages of the first Orange light novel.
I had to look quite a lot of stuff up tonight, but I’m reading pretty late and after a busy day, so its not too surprising that I’m a little less sharp than usual.

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This is such a good idea! Thank you :slight_smile:







:rose:April 27:rose:
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:green_book:日本語500問N3・pg 66
Finished Week 1 Day 5 and started Day 6.

:white_flower:日本語基本文法辞典・pg. 103【~出す】
Finished typing notes for だろう. Started on next week’s reading. I’m still adding to my notes on this week’s reading. I’m not trying to memorize every point, I just want to have good comprehensive notes to look back on. It’s been good to compare the deeper nuances of some points.




Unexpectedly (esp since I was certainly tired toward the end of my shift) I wasn’t particularly tired after work today, so I still got quite a bit of reading in. I’m glad.

Oh yeah I forgot 君には届かない。 had a novel. I need to get that.

  • 君には届かない。 vol 4-6. 6 doesn’t end in a similar type of place to the others, but I suppose the real question is whether 7 does or not, since it’ll be a while before 8 comes out lol. Anyway this series is so good, and I can’t wait to read 7 tomorrow~
  • 6 pages of 四畳半神話大系, leaving off on pg 96, finishing this week’s reading and ch 1! I had assumed, when I read 友人が勇者 yesterday, that the ざまーみろ that the demon king used practically as punctuation was just something he said and didn’t actually mean anything so I didn’t bother looking it up, but I encountered it here today. It means “Serves you right!”
  • 9 pages of 透き通った風が吹いて, leaving off on pg 95. I’m halfway through this book, though with only 3 days left in the month there’s no way I’ll be finishing it before April’s up.
Some vocab of note:

絶交 (ぜっこう) [n., する verb] breaking off a relationship; permanent breach of a friendship
野次馬 (やじうま) [n.] curious onlookers. This one is marked as “sensitive.”
ゲレンデ [n.] ski slope
かぶりを振る [expression, ラ五] to shake one’s head (in denial)
玉露 (ごょくろ) [n.] high-quality green tea
煎茶 (せんちゃ) [n.] mid-grade green tea
番茶 (ばんちゃ) [n.] coarse green tea


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  • 四月は君の噓 ch 32, done with volume 8! Closing in on the end, don’t think I’m quite gonna finish the whole series in april with how busy I’ve been, but maybe I rally this weekend. 3 volumes in 3 days is not in principle impossible for me at this stage, but would be tough for sure.

Good Words
石焼き芋(いしやきいも)ー sweet potatoes baked in hot pebbles or stones (the いも lexicon grows even more!)
憎っくき(にっくき)ー accursed; damned; blasted​
いちご同盟 (どうめい)ー 90s youth novel that may or may not be plot relevant (we get a full frame shot of the title and author as one of the characters is (presumably) quoting it. It sounds super depressing, might put it on my wishlist)
心中(しんじゅう)ー double suicide; lovers’ suicide​

Maybe I didn’t phrase that the best, the すんな isn’t that weird itself, but she speaks pretty crassly compared to the people around her regardless of the situation. Cigarette hanging out of her mouth making jokes about taking home girls like take-out in a world of classical pianists who are all hoity toity about their pristine, sacred “garden of music.” Compared to the other adults in mentor/teaching roles in this series, she’s definitely an oddball which, actually, ends up being plot important since Arima decides「変なピアニストになりたい」and so ends up studying under someone who is definitely not a traditional teacher

I feel like I see this word come up way more than it has any right to :laughing: definitely a good word, but hope i don’t have to use it often


Apr 26
I was pretty busy the whole day and just read some pages in manga magazines.

7106 pages read


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April 27

不可解なぼくのすべてを 2
58 - 78

Seasons was all about a fish and bamboo sprouts dish that I think I’ve had before. It should be in season now.

It seems like I actually passed the spot I needed to get to for the book club. I’ll probably switch to JoJo 29 until I need to read for the Ouran club :slight_smile:


I did some extensive reading and finished Edison’s biography in my 2nd grade biography’s book! For some pages, I read it intensively and did all of the lookups myself, and on other pages I relied heavily on the book club notes here. That worked really well for me, thanks everyone who contributes to the book club threads, it is super helpful to look back on later :heart_eyes:


can you fill me in on what a Yuri series is? I was trying to search for it and didn’t really get anywhere! I’m guessing it’s a series of manga to that character?


A series about love between girls. It can be explicit or just girls holding hands and kissing each other.


oh thanks! so it’s a genre?